Azure Architect

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Contract

We are seeking an Azure Architect, familiar with the Azure Cloud Stack, who understands how to architect and build applications both at the IaaS and PaaS level. The candidate should have in-depth and hands-on experience in cloud computing environments, platforms, and tools and also experience in the Application Development world, not only in Infrastructure. They are familiar with RDBMS, as well as open-source cloud offerings. They are able to transform applications from their existing state into potential cloud architectures.

The candidate will have experience architecting cloud delivery platforms, designing cloud-native applications, automating their delivery and operational processes, while operating within enterprise data security and compliance constraints. They will have experience migrating enterprise applications to utilize SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS capabilities.

The candidate should have excellent communication, leadership, and project management skills. They should be able to articulate how to migrate applications from a legacy data center to a modern cloud based architecture. They should have the ability to effectively communicate with development, infrastructure and DevOps teams on recent innovations, best practices, and technical subjects.

They will have technical experience in building infrastructure and applications for scalability, resiliency, availability, recovery. They will have designed and implemented processes for the deployment of infrastructure and applications. They should be familiar with infrastructure, orchestration, and automation technologies, and be able to articulate the suitability of them for the requirements at hand.

They will have built applications resident in Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud or a combination thereof. A working knowledge related to building, orchestrating, and securing microservices within containers using technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos is a plus.
The ideal candidate will be able to travel up to 75%, but will also be capable of working remotely. The position will require meetings on-site with the client in GA.


  • Must have 5+ years of relevant cloud implementation experience, including with:
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure AD (migrating AD, running AD and consolidating AD domains) – possibly an O365 background
  • Availability management for applications in the cloud;
  • Disaster recovery for applications in the cloud;
  • Automation of infrastructure provisioning and application deployment.
  • Computer science or related IT degree preferred
  • Preferably have an infrastructure as well as development background
  • Security roles and access
  • Powershell or some other shell (Bourne, Bash or Korn)/programming languages (Java, Ruby, Python preferred, Perl).