C Developer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Contract to Hire

Duties and Responsibilities:  Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, reliable, and testable C code / Implement optimized and high-quality software / Identify process bottlenecks and bugs / Suggest and implement solutions to problems / Create high-level system designs / Support our team in maintaining code quality / Analysis, design, and implementation / Testing

Requirements:  5+ years of experience with C/C++ development / Proficient in ANSI C standard; C99, C11 / Proficient in data structures and algorithms / Experience in IPC including socket programming / Experience with multithreading and concurrency / Experience with using databases SQL and NoSQL / Experience writing/understanding product requirements / Experience with different programming paradigms / Familiar with modular programming and object-oriented design / Familiar with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Android environments / Strong project management skills / Strong problem-solving skills / Knowledge of encryption, key-transport, key-exchange, and signatures a plus / Must have at least a Bachelor in Computer Science (or related field) / Master in Software Engineering (or related field) preferred