Computer Support Analyst I

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Contract

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT: The Computer Support Analyst I is part of the ITSS support services directorate functioning with in the Computing and Technology Services Department (CTS). The Computer Support Analyst I will operate in a tier two organizational unit focused on the support and service of all edge computing software and apparatuses. The Computer Support Analyst I will report to The Manager of Endpoint Operations. The Computer Support Analyst I is responsible for the review, testing and implementation of deployment software, and hardware management services. The Computer Support Analyst I will coordination their assigned projects and systems administration duties with the Endpoint Management teams and with all other tier two organizational units under CTS that exist in the scope of their assigned duties. The Computer Support Analyst I will document and track their assigned duties through the university’s ITSM solution and change management processes to bring assigned projects to fruition. The Computer Support Analyst I will work with CTS management on conveying all essential information pertaining to the security, confidentiality and administration of computing data on edge managed systems and work in conjunction with the departmental technical managing partners across the university.

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION: The Support Analyst I’s primary responsibility is to competently support the technology requests and incidents of the staff. The Support Analyst I will configure, deploy, and provision edge technology. The Support Analyst I will troubleshoot and resolve technical problems associated with edge software and hardware. The Support Analyst I will utilize CTS hosted management tools to maintain campus desktop computer security and stability. The Support Analyst I will collaborate with other CTS teams to maintain end user services. The Support Analyst I can be called upon to support technology security incidents and service outages. The Support Analyst I is a collaborative member of the Endpoint Operations team and participates in multiple cross team project groups. The Support Analyst I will provide recommendations for purchase of edge technology and stays current with the standard specifications. The Support Analyst I will collaborate with the campus computer store to maintain the highest affordable / supportable standards in edge hardware and software technology specifications. The Support Analyst I is responsible for maintaining certifications associated with the repair and maintenance of edge technology. The Support Analyst I is required to be able to work independently and prioritize their work consistent with the end user needs and the overall Technical Services workflow. The Support Analyst I will participate in the development and maintenance of procedural documentation associated with the management, deployment and security of edge technology. The Support Analyst I’s focus is to be pro-active regarding software configuration and end user computer access and security. The Support Analyst I will make business smart recommendations regarding the implementation of technology configurations to university departments.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Provides oversight on all operating budgets totaling over $500,000. Reviews quarterly budgets with all operating units to ensure operating activity is accurate, appropriate, and in line with the annual budget plan. Manages the summer budget. Monitors and manages all non-labor accounts and discretionary funds, including resource funds, overhead, endowments, and scholarship accounts. Manages joint affiliation payments/deposits. Manages scholarship funds. Reviews and approves Unimarket purchases. Manages computer purchases for the School, including budgeting and purchasing. The Computer Support Analyst I will provide technical support directly to departments and users of computing endpoint resources across campus. This will require exceptional customer service in person, via phone, and utilize remote tools as appropriate. The Computer Support Analyst I will be a consultant, trainer, and implementer of new computer hardware, software, and departmental services. The Support Analyst I will work with their supervisor to organize their priorities and document their efforts through the CTS problem incident, change management and project tracking systems. The Computer Support Analyst I will work as a support services liaison to other CTS teams, such as Infrastructure, Information Systems, Information Security, and the Computer Store, and extended technology partners around campus. This role will be required to integrate the plans and projects of the Engineering team into technology landscape of our tech partners areas. The Computer Support Analyst I will work with Endpoint Engineering for maintaining the comprehensive edge technology asset information for the departments endpoint computing systems. The produced actionable reports will be relevant for edge computing compliance and technology life cycle management. The Computer Support Analyst I will be an incident response member of the Security Incident Response team providing key edge support information and detailed remediation efforts for active PII and security threat responses during a technology security event. The Support Analyst I will research new pertinent desktop support and deployment technologies and services that support and promote automation and endpoint deployment efficiencies. All other duties as assigned.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum three to five years of extensive customer facing desktop service support in both Apple and windows platforms. Minimum of three years’ experience deploying Windows and Apple computers in a managed enterprise environment utilizing services such as Microsoft Manager, JAMF, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and utilizing an Active Directory object managed environment. Experience with IP address management, and desktop related network configurations and topologies. Experience with managed printer and print server technologies. Experience with operations and configurations Virtual technologies such as VWware and Microsoft Hyper-V. Experience with a Mobile device management platform. Experience with desktop security / PII software such as Sophos and Spirion. Performing the appropriate file and security remediations produced by the software management portals. Experience with cloud-based technologies such as Azure, Azure Labs, Microsoft Cloud Management gateway, and Hosted JAMF Pro. 11.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED FOR THE POSITION: Describe knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position. Examples may include analytical, communication, initiative, technical skills, problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, customer service, planning, supervision, leadership, adaptability, professional knowledge, etc. The Computer Support Analyst I position is a customer facing position that has a primary role of desktop service and support to our campus end user community. This position requires the individual to be well communicated and flexible to work between groups and departments to fulfill the job functions assigned. The Computer Support Analyst I is required to be customer focused and assimilate the needs of the end user into all the operations and administrative systems that they are involved in. The position works between two separate teams and maintains vital roles in both, this requires attention to and prioritization of assigned duties in their work queue. The Computer Support Analyst I required the individual to be knowledgeable of the end user’s needs and equally knowledge of the administration and deployment technologies to meet and exceed their expectations. This position has various degrees of systems administration responsibility. All system testing and development is done in a virtual and test environment, requiring the decisions and skill set of a systems administrator . This work requires various types of server builds and configurations to establish scope and project impact. The individual is responsible for managing their assigned service, this duties will include patch management service quality, change management and high availability The Analyst reviews technical documentation, knowledge base data, and other sources to generate solution scenarios for edge technology issues. The Analyst often faces multiple solutions and must be able to choose the solution that best integrates into the University’s overall technology environment. This position must be mentally agile and anticipate technology environmental changes and be forward thinking. The Computer Support Analyst I will be required to create and give presentations representing their initiative to the campus technology committees. Periodic updates and reports are expected.