Data Engineer – Software

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

The Data Engineering role will be responsible for the design, implementation, and improvements to company data systems and pipelines. This involves data ingestion pipelines from smartphones in the field deployed all over the world, data storage and manipulation for future access, as well as APIs and analytics-ready database developments.  The video and geospatial data must be analyzed, queried, and delivered to a the internal (Data Science, Operations, Engineering Divisions) as well as external (Customers) in a variety of formats and with varying reliability requirements. This role involves managing these pipelines and data warehouses to ensure successful access and control of that data.


  • Design, development and management of data pipelines and data storage systems.
  • Clear communication with company divisions to understand data requirements and deploying APIs and tools for efficient retrieval and utilization of that information
  • Developing and executing a clear data infrastructure plan for the data systems
  • Working closely with other engineering teams to develop robust and reliable tools
  • Supporting the data science effort by efficiently developing data pipelines by delivering high quality and analytics-ready data sets


  • 3-5+ years of job experience in a software or database development role
  • Must be fluent in Python
  • Must be proficient and have working experience with algorithms and distributed design challenges and data structures
  • Must be proficient and have working experience with API design
  • Must be proficient and have working experience with modern scalable databases, their design challenges, and implementations
  • Must be proficient and have working experience with development and deployment related technologies: Git, Docker
  • Must be proficient and have working experience with a modern cloud environment (GCP, AWS or Azure – Preferrably GCP)
  • Must be knowledge of modern batch and streaming pipeline systems (Apache Beam, Dataflow etc.)
  • Must be proficient and knowledge of database schemas in both SQL and schema-less based database architectures
  • Must be proficient with modern object stores (Google Storage, S3, etc.)
  • Have experience with Data Science and Data Science related practices
  • Have knowledge and experience working with geospatial data and techniques
  • Be Very comfortable learning and using new techniques
  • Have an ambition towards strong personal growth. As our company continues to rapidly grow, we are looking for future leaders who can take ownership and get things done
  • Have superb communication skills: we are a small start-up company working in a novel market. We need people who understand complex business needs and can translate them into working solutions
  • Be able to clearly articulate problems and their solutions before they become critical
  • Be Biased toward action, and have strong initiative and personal drive