Design Support Engineer

Location: Kittanning

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

The Sales team will sell services such as Fire Alarm Systems, Video surveillance, and Access Points. The Design Support Engineer will articulate with the sales team and client, how to design these systems. The Design Support Engineer will also have to write up design proposals, deliver presentations, speak with clients (over the phone and in person) about the design applications. Will be discussing items with clients such as; this door mounted controller should be mounted here, this controller should go there, we’re going to need this amount of cable, and these many technicians, etc. The Design Support Engineer is a step up from a Field Technician. The Design Support Engineer will not have to crawl thru attics and pull cable. This role is less physical and more mental work.

Skills: • Must have experience installing or design systems such as Fire Alarm Systems, Video Surveillance, and Access Points. A client may say I want fire alarm systems for a multi complex unit. This Design Support Engineer will then come up with a plan on how to design the system. • Must have a reliable vehicle and be able to drive up to 100 miles from Kittanning, PA when needed. Must a valid driver’s license. • Must have industry experience and someone who has touched multiple systems such as Notifire, FireLite, Faraday, Silent Knight, Ademco/Honeywell. • Must be a good spear and articulate well.  • Someone who is self-motivated and can work independently. • Person will work hybrid and travel to client sites when needed. Will also be asked to come into the Kittanning office for collaborations at times.