Director of Sales

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

The Director of Sales is a business leader who runs the sales organization and is a key contributor to the management team.  The area of responsibility for this role is very wide and thus requires thorough knowledge of sales principles, with a foundation in high velocity/ smaller deal size, as well as fluency in modern tooling and data management. This requires a detailed, technical, and highly analytical approach, but also an individual who can drive team alignment to create a constructive sales culture.


  • Helping surface, spotlight, and ingrain standard methodologies across the sales team to help achieve individual and team MRR goals
  • Manage and grow existing sales team. Find opportunities for professional growth across the team while building a cohesive “we win together” mentality
  • Identifying/vetting/hiring/on-boarding/training new team members
  • Working collaboratively with the management team to build the best possible customer experience while forecasting sales targets & metrics for the team.
  • Able to work across functional teams to lay out detailed plans to resolve sales infrastructure needs


  • 3+ years (minimum) experience recruiting, onboarding, and running a high performance sales team.
  • Working knowledge of data analysis and sales process design, implementation, and training.
  • Proficient in sales tooling and tooling implementation standard methodologies
  • Experience in a small sale or SMB, high velocity, inbound selling environments (via phone or online demonstrations)
  • Consistent track record of working strategically and thoughtfully to drive quarterly and yearly goals
  • Customer centric. You are constantly on the search to learn more about your customers and prospects. Empathize with them, understand their goals, pains, needs, and wants. You love learning what helps our customers succeed, and strive to empower them to reach their goals.
  • Detailed and Data driven. You love testing and iterating your way to your goals.
  • You’ve worked with small companies (tech startups ideal but not mandatory). You’re used to doing more with less, finding creative ways to resolve an issue with a simple solution, and making sure you have team agreement along the way
  • Exceptional problem solver. You know the surface pain is the main problem, and are able to dig deep to find the root causes, and develop simple solutions.
  • Smart, resourceful, empathetic hard-working professional