Domain Architect – Product, Supply Chain & Merchandising

Location: West Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

The Domain Architect of Product, Supply Chain, Merchandising is a crucial leader for driving the cross-domain architectural insight, planning, and solutions for our next-generation supply chain, emerging product development and critical merchandising capabilities.  The Domain Architect is connected to key business leaders to understand their goals, works closely with product management to shape the capability requirements, and engineering teams to support the delivery of the capabilities aligned to a holistic domain solution plan. They influence all of these partners to drive end-to-end thinking and the art of the possible.

The Domain Architect will own and drive clarity into the architectural vision for their domain. They achieve this by producing integrated solution roadmaps for their domains, leading critical designs for new capabilities, and acting as a point of governance on architectural decisions directly or through working groups. They also partner and serve as part of a broader architecture team and incorporate patterns, requirements, and standards into their domain.  Through their leadership and output, the Domain Architect shapes our ability to move, design, plan and sell product to our athletes. They are a catalyst to simplify, modernize, and identify solutions that provide reliable next-generation experiences for our athletes and teammates.


  • Stays current on emerging technical trends, patterns, and solutions for domain. Acts as resident expert for how digital experience and retail are changing and influences business and technical audiences.
  • Recommends, leads and participates in solution architecture work for domains ensuring that the architecture strategy is consistent with long-term business objectives.
  • Drives consistency in documentation, roadmaps, communication and alignment of domain architecture into business, product and technical plans.
  • Aligns domain to platform, data, cloud and reference architecture patterns and capabilities.
  • Promotes architecture benefits throughout domain to communicate expectations and establish partnerships.
  • Produces and maintains domain solution roadmaps. Ensures these are accurate, pragmatic and actionable within product teams.
  • Models and assesses the domain’s baseline architecture. Maintains views into current state, risks and recommendations towards directional roadmaps.
  • Organizes discussions, planning and technical design for domain with engineering leadership. Helps assist and drive domain roadmap vision into actionable steps for engineering leaders.
  • Mentors both solution architects and principle engineers.
  • Leads and organizes broad technical focus areas on patterns, approaches, practices and technical design maturity.
  • Shares best practices, lessons learned and constantly updates the technical system architecture requirements based on changing technologies, and knowledge related to recent, current, and upcoming vendor products and solutions.
  • Establishes a governance process for domain that encourages critical thinking, security standards compliance, collaboration, alignment versus broader architecture decisions and ensures domain roadmaps are accurate.
  • Finds ways to embed processes, patterns, tooling and automation to improve architectural maturity.
  • Updates and maintains technical domain leadership on reviews, risks and domain technical direction.
  • Responsible for ensuring that architected solutions are implemented to standards

Education & Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or other Engineering with additional job experience
  • 10 – 15 Years experience
  • Experience as a technical architect for a major technology implementation
  • Retail experience a plus
  • Experience in leading complex, cross-functional problem-solving initiatives.
  • Outstanding knowledge on coding languages such as Swift, Obj-C, C++, Java, C#, Golang, Python
  • Experience designing solutions for pricing, merchandising, supply chain, and corporate systems for large enterprises.
  • Strong understanding of system deployment and development patterns for scale including blue/green, red/black, canary, CI/CD, and resiliency engineering.
  • Extensive knowledge of security domain, standards and trends.
  • Experience in an agile development environment within a product model.
  • Experience with a variety of software stacks/technologies including but not limited to various cloud services, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, Kafka, and various databases
  • Experience with Linux Container patterns and ecosystem like Kubernetes, Istio, etc
  • Experience delivery Reference, Solution, Data and Infrastructure architecture including Reference Implementations
  • Experience in leveraging Machine Learning / AI and NLP components in a solution.