Domain Architect

Location: West Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

The Domain Architect is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and management of technology architecture models and their lower level components. They are required to interpret, use and apply information contained within technology architecture to inform a range of business improvement activities, particularly those involved in the design, development, enhancement and maintenance of the company ecosystem. The Domain Architect has a unique opportunity to establish and educate architectural process and standards within the organization.


  • Recommends and participates in the development of architecture blueprints for related systems.
  • Models and assesses the organizations’ baseline Architecture.
  • Researches overall information and communications technology solutions for technical requirements and business capabilities.
  • Advises and recommends architecture strategies, processes and methodologies
  • Recommends and participates in the analysis, evaluation and development of enterprise long-term strategic and operation plans to ensure that the architecture strategy is consistent with long-term business objectives
  • Aligns Enterprise Architecture with strategic product roadmaps.
  • Identifies and recommends areas appropriate for further study and participates in any proof of concept projects required to thoroughly investigate architectural possibilities and strengthen arguments for adoption
  • Design and define a set of architecture artifacts to support the development of architectures in accordance with architecture policy
  • Contributes to the creation and review of a systems capability strategy which meets the strategic requirements of the business.
  • Deliver architectural initiatives that drive revenue and improve efficiency in line with business strategy.
  • Conducts and/or actively participates in meetings related to designated projects, with internal and external partners
  • Recommends and participates in activities related to the documentation and development of the Enterprise Architecture.
  • Identifies implementation risks and analyzes potential impact on the enterprise and on the achievement of scheduled objectives.
  • Responsible for ensuring that architected solutions are implemented to standard
  • Develops models and plans to drive forward the strategy, taking advantage of opportunities to improve business performance.
  • Analyzes impact of information systems, data management, practices, procedures, organization and technology.
  • Leads activities related to the maintenance of the Enterprise Architecture.
  • Collaborate with all relevant parties to review the objectives and constraints of each solution and determine conformance with the EA.
  • Recommends the most suitable technical architecture and defines the solution at a high level.
  • Recommends and participates in the design and implementation of standards, tools, and methodologies
  • Identifies implementation risks and analyzes potential impact on the enterprise and on the achievement of scheduled objectives.
  • Provides cross project architectural governance that includes identifying relevant strategy, policy and roadmaps
  • Shares best practices, lessons learned and constantly updates the technical system architecture requirements based on changing technologies, and knowledge related to recent, current, and upcoming vendor products and solutions.
  • Provide guidance on the business architecture, the necessary level of management and administrative oversight to achieve the requirements and objectives of tasks
  • Promotes Architecture benefits throughout organization to communicate expectations and establish partnerships

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Computer Science or other Engineering with additional job experience
  • 10-15 years of experience
  • Experience in leading complex, cross-functional problem-solving initiatives.
  • Experience designing solutions for larger retail eCommerce platforms and ancillary application integrations
  • Extensive knowledge of security domain, standards and trends.
  • Experience with a variety of software stacks/technologies including but not limited to various cloud services, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, Kafka, and various databases
  • Experience delivery Reference, Solution, Data and Infrastructure architecture including Reference Implementations
  • Outstanding knowledge on coding languages such as C, C++, JAVA, .NET, C# etc
  • Well versed with the basic OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept
  • Experience in an Agile development environment
  • Experience with Containerization, CI/CD, Dev Ops and Kubernetes, etc.
  • Experience in leveraging Machine Learning / AI and NLP components in a solution.