Environmental Health Safety and Security Officer

Location: Pittsburgh / Travel

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Essential Responsibilities: • Manage, implement, and enforce the vessel safety & health programs, the environmental compliance programs, and the security programs policies and procedures. • Working independently, prioritizing activities, meeting commitments, and proactively managing time. • Boarding all vessels, barges and crane barges to conduct safety, environmental and security inspections. • Assist with conducting investigations of all vessel incidents/accidents and near misses. This will include detailed data collection and documentation, and development of lessons-learned and specific recommendations for improvement. • Collect, review and track all vessel, crane barge, and shipyard safety/environmental/navigational statistical information, including preparing corporate reports based on that information. • Internal Auditor responsible for conducting all required vessel and shipyard safety/environmental/security compliance audits to assure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements. • Assist with evaluating vendors who provide towing, vessel assist services and/or fleeting services to on their ability to provide an acceptable level of safety. • Responsible for managing, implementing, and enforcing the vessel general permit program policies and procedures. • Other duties as assigned.

Preferred Educational and Job Qualifications: • High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience. • 5 or more years in the marine industry and/or US Coast Guard experience. • Experience in areas of marine injury and accident investigations. • Ability to travel three or more days a week, in short notice at times. • Additional skills would include MS Office. • Strong communication skills both written and verbal, and strong teamwork abilities.