Field Technician 1

Location: Kittanning

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Job Summary: This position is responsible for the overall installation and general programming of a multitude of residential and commercial security systems including Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Access Control Systems, Audio Components, Data Networks, Door Entry Controllers, and other low voltage electronics. Employee performs all duties assigned. This position offers an hourly wage based on a 40-hour workweek schedule. It is understood that some overtime and weekend work may be required based on the demand.

Duties and Responsibilities: LEADERSHIP – Shares the mission, vision, and values of the organization with all employees, customers, and stakeholders. – Provides an active voice and formally suggests improvements for the company, corporate, customers and employees. – Participates in the continual improvement of systems, processes, policies and procedures, and materials relating to the operation of the company. – Executes special projects and duties at the direction of the Supervising Field Technician. – Promotes employee teamwork and an attitude of cooperation. TECHNICAL / TRAINING – Demonstrates competency and understanding of the installation, programming, and operation of the following areas of the security industry: – Commercial & Residential Intrusion Alarm Systems – Commercial & Residential Fire Alarm Systems – Commercial Access Control Systems – Commercial Area of Rescue Systems – Network Routers, Switches & Access Points – Commercial & Residential Video Surveillance – Commercial & Residential Data Wiring / Structured Cabling – Windows, MAC, Apple, and Android Operating Systems – Demonstrates understanding of current trends in technology and the security industry – Installs Residential and commercial security systems. – Installs Residential Video Surveillance systems including configuring network routers/modems. – Reads and comprehends Blueprints, photos, or scope of work required to properly install all equipment and services. – Performs commercial Fire Alarm Inspections with the authority having jurisdiction. – Makes low-voltage electrical connections, tests operations of electronic -equipment, and verifies proper operation of electronic equipment. – Operates basic hand tools, testing equipment, and any machinery within OSHA standards. – Evaluates information furnished for the job, and obtain the correct material and equipment needed to successfully complete the job. – Evaluates job wiring requirements including cable, conduit, and practical wiring routes. – Ensures the technical services delivered are at the highest level of quality and training for the end user/customer. Always ensures customer satisfaction. – Assists in training Field Technicians to standards to ensure quality customer service for every customer through prompt, courteous, and competent service. – Encourages other team members/technicians to ask questions and make suggestions to improve other peers and the company’s performance. – Follows all company policies and procedures. – Assists in cross-training of personnel to recommend additional products and services. COMMUNICATIONS – Provides all reports to Supervisor as requested. o Complies to all corporate directives. – CUSTOMER SERVICE – Eliminates negative experiences in-house through open and direct communications. – Strives to eliminate all negative customer experiences. – Supports technicians to honor the values, techniques, and principles of excellent customer service. OPERATIONS / RISK MANAGEMENT – Improves efficiency, increases productivity, and lowers company costs on a continuing basis. – Prepares detailed reports for all projects, as required by the company policies and procedures. – Promptly reports defective material or equipment, inaccuracies, or omissions in job information that may result in inadequate protection or loss. – Picks and stocks equipment for each job ensuring accuracy. o Follows the training and orientation of security and safety procedures. – Protects and secures all inventories, and company assets to include: Vehicles, Equipment, Office Supplies, Hand Tools, etc. to ensure assets are available and ready for use – Adheres to all safety practices to safeguard against injury and damage to property. – Complies with all customer-specific safety requirements and on-site practices. – Safeguards against loss of unused materials, ladders, and tools on a job. – Returns all unused materials, wire, and garbage to the shop. VEHICLES, EQUIPMENT & MAINTENANCE – Maintains a clean, well-organized and stocked vehicle inventory of reserve and backup equipment, tools, and materials on the vehicle – Reports all accidents and damaged equipment immediately to the Director of Operations.

JOB FACTORS: • A high degree of analytical ability and sound judgment are required. • Ability to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills as well as sound judgment, professionalism, time management, confidentiality, and good decision-making skills. • Must demonstrate discretion, integrity, patience, management of stress and anger, and fair-mindedness consistent with all company policies and procedures. • Ability to plan, organize and prioritize projects, tasks, and daily work. • Deals with outsiders on a regular basis on matters of importance. • If an error were made, it would have a serious impact on the company and the client. It could put both the client and the company at risk and cause severe financial losses including out of business or bankruptcy.

QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or equivalency, Associates Degree a plus. Minimum 2 years of experience in the low-voltage electronics or electronic security industry, experience with customer service, working with technicians and office team personnel. Good understanding of how the security industry works and how to make the best decisions that always benefit the customer and company. Understands and troubleshoots electronic devices and uses critical thinking skills. Background should include the ability to troubleshoot/fix electronic devices, multitask, prioritize installation team responsibilities, and effectively communicate. A positive attitude, pride in your work, and sound judgment are required. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. Required: background and drug test and current valid driver’s license.