Front-End Developer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Job Overview: We are looking for a Front-End Developer. As a developer you will be a part of a SCRUM development team building new solutions and maintaining existing product platforms through which we impact thousands of properties across the country each month. Joining our development group means you bring a passion for your craft, a fresh perspective on emerging technologies and a drive to collaborate on building great solutions. We are seeking someone who is eager to share knowledge, grow their own and others’ capabilities, and be a part of modernizing and driving innovation in our technology and operations. We get to work with the entire organization in a culture where everyone feels responsible, motivated, engaged, and contributing to our collective success. We are an Agile development team leveraging Git, Waffle, TeamCity and Octopus. We develop SaaS web applications using Microsoft .Net (VB & C#), JavaScript frameworks (React primarily, Angular experience also a plus, Sass, Bootstrap) in SPA model, and meeting in the middle with REST/WebAPI (familiarity with JSON and XML important).

Responsibilities Include: • Targeting 3-5 yrs experience • C#/.Net w/ Blazor experience preferred. • Focus for this position on delivering a front-end design rather than the design falling to them as well. • Collaborator on design, opportunities to grow in UI/UX skills working with designer. • Will be part of team driving to fresh, modern web front ends to our customer and vendor facing web applications.  • Additional opportunities to engage in mobile application development in Xamarin.

Our Must Haves: • Experience in at least one front-end JS framework (React, Angular, Knockout, etc) • Experience with a styling framework / compiled CSS language (Sass, Less, Bootstrap, etc.) • Strong C# and OOP concepts in JavaScript (DOM, responsive design, HTML5, CSS3) • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling and AJAX • Familiarity with front-end build tools (Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, etc.) • Proficient understanding of source code management, branches, merging, code reviews (Git)