Front End Web Developer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Contract to Hire

The candidate is responsible for writing web applications using HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to comply with project requirements, both internally and customer-facing. The web applications are written using frameworks standardized for team development, and as such, conventions must be followed. Also, the candidate must be competent enough to communicate with the rest of the team or with partners to explain application functionality or to do troubleshooting if there are application issues.


  • College degree (2 or 4 year course) with 1 to 2 years professional experience, or 4 years or more professional work experience
  • Writing web applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Writing web applications using node.js, npm, bower and sass
  • Writing web applications using Angular 1.x
  • Learning to use webpack and ES6 for writing web applications
  • Using Git, SVN, or similar technologies for code repository and history tracking
  • Having light to moderate knowledge of Photoshop tools
  • Familiar with the software development life cycle
  • Providing good documentation in the form of code comments, READMEs and commit messages
  • Having good communication skills to discuss application functionality with either internal or customer resource
  • Working independently and as part of a team