Intermediate Front End Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent


  • Work on the software that keeps our component running by writing Javascript.
  • Use the latest technologies to transform our UI into a better user experience by writing new web components and improve user interactions.
  • Implementing integrations between the UI and API.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for ways we can further streamline our development process.
  • Any other duties assigned.

Education & Experience:
This position is all about building up features requested by our customers, improving our development process and working together. You’ll work with our CTO (technical co-founder) and Senior Engineers to make our product even more robust, make software delivery streamlined and up to standards. The following is to give you an idea of who we want to work with:

  • Someone with a degree in Computer Science or related field (B.S. or M.S.), although if you don’t have one and you think that you have the necessary algorithms, data structures, and software engineering skills then you shouldn’t exclude yourself.
  • Someone with 2 years industry experience of developing, testing and deploying production grade software, that knows how to do constructive code reviews and knows how to build automated testing and software bundling.
  • Familiar with Agile development and using tools such as Jira.
  • Experience with:
    • Javascript frameworks such as Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js.
    • Writing CSS and using CSS preprocessors such as SASS or LESS.
    • Implementing and using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.
    • Writing HTML5.
    • Implementing and using Webpack.
    • Using testing frameworks such as Mocha and Jasmine.
    • RESTFul APIs and consuming them.
    • Experience with the following is considered a plus:
      • Linux and Bash.
      • Deploying in a cloud environment such as AWS.
      • Using and implementing d3.js.
      • We will consider candidates with a combination of these skills, but the ability to understand system design is crucial.