iSeries Sr. System Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Senior Systems Engineer to administer a robust iSeries infrastructure that is the foundation of key merchandising and supply chain ERPs. Participates as part of cross-functional Information Technology and Business teams to ensure overall system availability and performance. Contributes to technical and engineering direction. Works with server virtualization, availability, performance, integrity, and disaster recovery. Must be a self-motivated team player with a proven track record of technical proficiency in a fast-paced workplace. You will be responsible for the daily operations of our IBM i systems. Work with IT and business teams to identify technology solutions to achieve business results. Ensure appropriate implementation and administration of technology within both the development and production environments. Perform engineering, administration, and design functions for Enterprise IBM i Systems; oversee the introduction of new technology by utilizing industry standard processes. Provide IBM i Systems technical support to business and partners. Have skill in solving technically challenging problems involving IBM i based OS, application, and hardware issues. Maintain awareness of trends and issues in IBM i technology; evaluate new technology opportunities and provide analysis of their potential impact to business.

Education & Experience:  Bachelor’s Degree. 3-5 years experience in technical and administration experience working on IBM i / iSeries systems. Research and implement appropriate System Administration best practices, and tools. Experience with IBM i OS Version 7.4, PTF application and OS upgrades. Practical knowledge of Networking, inclusive of switching and routing, IP Subnets, DNS, Ethernet configuration and administering across the IBM i LPAR & Network. Must be able to debug and configure TCP/IP communications. Experience with IBM PowerHA cluster failover (Role Swap) processes, configuring and maintaining backups using IBM BRMS – Backup, Recovery & Media Services, and PTF updates. Experience configuring and maintaining backups using IBM BRMS – Backup, Recovery & Media Services Familiar with Third party software such as Unicom Turnover, Shield Advanced Solutions Job Tracker for i (formerly JobQGenie), HelpSystems products (Performance Navigator, Compliance Monitor, Authority Broker, SIEM Agent), IBM iDoctor, Job Watcher, PEX Analyzer