Junior Cognitive System Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

We seek a revolutionary problem solver. You have keen observation skills, can understand the technical and social environment, and create revolutionary tools to simplify decision making in mission-critical and business- critical situations. You will be a member of an elite team of passionate people who can see beyond the obvious to create and build revolutionary solutions for clients.

A Cognitive Systems Engineer (CSE) creates revolutionary information systems that directly support decision making.  Our projects are executed by a team of CSEs who create both the concept and detailed designs for information systems.  CSEs first analyze the work domain through cognitive work analysis to reveal functional insights, which then serve as the cornerstone for the project.  By focusing on the design of human-machine systems, CSEs ensure that the systems work with decision makers. CSEs also work close with our talented group of software developers, providing specifications of information, visualization, and functionality requirements as guidance for their system development efforts. A career with us means you’ll make a difference in the world by helping enterprises overcome decision-making complexity.


  • Support cognitive work analysis efforts to provide critical analytical basis for subsequent design
  • Support design of innovative and useful UI designs for these complex domains, including creation of storyboards and mockups to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas
  • Support iterative evaluations of system prototypes and operational evaluations of fielded decision support systems
  • Works as part of a multidisciplinary team, under the supervision of senior and principal cognitive systems engineers

Education & Experience:

  • BS in Industrial Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, related field or equivalent experience; MS or PhD is a plus
  • Some training in analyzing, designing, and evaluating Decision Support Systems, information visualizations, and graphical user interfaces
  • Some knowledge /training in cognitive engineering and human-computer interaction, and knowledge of state-of-the-art research in these areas
  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written)
  • Excellent analytic, problem definition, and problem solving skills
  • Ability to analyze a problem domain and to distill core decision-making processes and challenges; often from rich, semi-articulated problem domains
  • Ability to identify and adapt applicable technologies found in academic and industrial research
  • Ability to create/invent innovative human-machine interface approaches and to translate them into successful decision-support solutions