Lab / DevOps Engineer

Location: North of Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Contract to Hire or Full Time / Permanent

The Lab/DevOps Manager will build, manage, support and be responsible for the hardware and software for development and quality assurance teams across global labs/data-centers. This individual will apply his/her skills in systems administration and network administration to support the usage needs of the engineering teams and the broader organizations. Along with technical skills, the position requires someone who can maintain careful documentation and keep the extensive lab inventory current in a DevOps fashion based on Infrastructure as Code principles.


  • Build and maintain the lab infrastructure to support testing of security product effectiveness, performance, and usability
    • Install server and other hardware in the labs
    • Install all necessary software (typically Linux distributions) in a reproducible manner
    • Develop and extend over time a configuration management setup to automate installation and configuration process
    • Configure lab networks, also developing and extending the automation of network configurations
    • Procure and maintain lab inventory and licenses
    • Ensure that the lab meets both availability (e.g., remote access) and security (e.g., isolation of testing) requirements
    • Support the engineering teams in performing product development and testing and day-to-day operations and maintenance
  • Maintain IT components as needed. Configure and maintain networking and site infrastructure (switches, routers, security components, VPNs etc.) as required
  • Diagnose and fix hardware or software problems as necessary in supported systems
  • Budget management
  • Vendor management and equipment procurement

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer/Electrical Engineering, MS preferred
  • 5+ years of system administration and support experience.
  • Hands-on experience installing and configuring a wide variety of servers, operating systems, security appliances, and applications
  • Thorough understanding of networking concepts and ability to configure them, such as switches, VLANs, IP routing, and firewall rules
  • Experience with virtualized environments such as VMware and, ideally Proxmox
  • Working knowledge of a scripting language/Python programming, especially as it applies to systems administration and configuration management
  • Experience working in QA or a similar testing environment highly desirable
  • Proficiency in configuration management tools (Ansible, Salt, Puppet, …)
  • Comfortable in navigating a Linux command line and OS through command line
  • Able to modify Linux operating systems and debugging system issues
  • Datacenter capacity planning (power, storage, physical space), Purchasing, and spec investigation
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code principles
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Excellent organization and time management abilities
  • Onsite availability is a must