Lead Project Manager – Design Systems

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

We are hiring a Lead Project Manager, Design System. In this role, you will be the person who keeps our team on track and on time for new projects. Working alongside our 30-person team, you remove roadblocks and keep designers crafting amazing designs and developers coding. Whether it’s coaching, cutting meetings short, or refining the process – you’ll do whatever it takes to keep the project moving. No two days are the same. You will work alongside a team of passionate, creative designers and developers to brainstorm and plan our scrums on virtual whiteboards, communicating with your team or communicating across other functions to avoid potential issues in the project plan. While every day is fast-moving and unpredictable, one thing is sure: people skills are necessary for every aspect of this job. To thrive in this role, you must understand the software development project lifecycle in an Agile environment have prior project management experience working in scrums or as a scrum master. Ideally, you’ve managed a project from inception to production at an enterprise level. Our best project managers show initiative, try new things and learn from their mistakes along the way. A history of continuous learning is strongly desired. As part of our team, you’ll find exciting challenges, get opportunities to grow your career, and develop solid friendships as we design what’s next for the industry.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT ON A TYPICAL DAY: • Galvanize. You inspire and galvanize the team into action by starting with the why and what success looks like. You articulate each project’s goals and track key measures to ensure alignment and are proactive at seeking out and getting in front of issues to help the team deliver. • Bring Order from Chaos. You have a unique ability to make the complex simple and actionable. You help everyone see the big picture and tie every piece of work to it so that each person understands how they contribute to our key business outcomes. • Plan. You understand the needs of the business and work with the cross-functional team to prioritize, plan, and assign work accordingly. You help everyone understand what success looks like and how we get there. • Drive. You thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative, team-oriented, cross-functional environment and seek out the satisfaction of delivering real outcomes that help our users crush their jobs. You will personally lead the cross-functional initiatives for the Design System organization. • Partner. You partner and collaborate effectively across all of UX and with Product Management, Engineering, and Senior Leadership in order to plan, execute, and remove roadblocks. You highlight the key trade-offs that need to be made and drive effective, efficient decision-making. • Facilitate Discussion. Your communication skills are vital to your success, whether in discussions with designers, engineers, product managers, peers or senior leaders. You make your points succinctly and move the conversation forward to decisions and outcomes. You leverage data effectively and bring your own analysis of every situation to the conversation. • Scrums. You’ll work with the Design System Product Management, Design, and Engineering teams to make sure everyone understands who’s doing what and you keep everyone on task. Is a meeting going off-topic? You’ll pull the team back to the agenda. Scope creeping? You’ll stay on top of the schedule, remove barriers, identify dependencies, and mitigate risks. • Meeting Maestro. You know when to have meetings and crush them. You set clear meeting objectives, drive the conversation to make key decisions and identify next actions, then communicate and follow-up to make sure commitments are met. • Variety of tasks. There is no typical day. You could coach a teammate, deliver a status update to executives in other departments, or make sure we have deployed our resources in the best possible way. You will manage many competing priorities, so a fast pace should not scare you. You pride yourself on having flexibility and agility and can change directions without a second thought.

EXPERIENCE: • You have 5+ years of project management experience in a software development environment. Experience with UX Design and Engineering teams is strongly desired.

YOU’LL LOVE WORKING HERE BECAUSE YOU CAN: • Deliver at epic scale. We deliver real user outcomes using strong judgment and good instincts. We’re obsessed with the art of achieving simplicity with a focus on client happiness and productivity. • Be surrounded by curious learners. We align ourselves with other smart people in an environment where we grow and elevate one another to the next level. We encourage our associates to listen, stay agile, and learn from mistakes. • Act like an owner & doer. Mission-driven and committed to leading change, you will be encouraged to take on any challenge and solve complex problems. No tasks are beneath or too great for us. We are hands-on and willing to master our craft. • Give back to others. Always do the right thing for our clients and our community and humbly give back to the community where we live and work. Support our associates in times of need • Join a company committed to equality and equity. Our goal is to impact lasting change through our actions.