Lead Software Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Our rapidly growing engineering team is in search of an experienced full-stack lead with a diverse background in scalable cloud systems, large-scale data pipelines, serverless architectures, NoSQL, API design and implementation, operating at the Edge, custom hardware and embedded systems development, machine learning, computer vision, data science, and web and mobile application development. You must be a broad generalist comfortable with managing large teams and all software engineering processes, as well as ready to leap in as an individual contributor when needed and appropriate. You work at start-up speed and can plan and develop roadmaps, adapting along the way to dynamic conditions. You should have a detail-oriented engineering and algorithmic mindset, and enjoy building, instrumenting, testing, and documenting large systems. You understand the importance of great project management and will hire a PM to work for you. You will have broad responsibilities, get to build a team as we grow, and be a part of the senior team with equity incentives. Own the Infrastructure and Pipelines.  You will manage our data systems and pipelines, from raw data streams generation to archiving and retention policies. Most of the engineering activities below are already in progress, and you will need to hit the ground running. Deep familiarity with AWS services is essential. You will collaborate with current infrastructure specialists, have an open line to internal AWS engineers, and recruit in this area. / Full implementation of infrastructure-as-code, with iteration on processing pipelines utilizing Step Functions, Lambdas, and Kinesis. / Implementation of an edge-to-cloud architecture that optimizes data transfer across different bandwidth scenarios, and ensures we’re making the most of our edge computing resources. / Deployment of a new CI/CD system and environment-on-demand engineering practices. / NoSQL data model iteration and migration. You should have deep experience with advanced NoSQL design patterns. Prior time-series, graph architecture, and geospatial experience are desirable. / Ongoing API iteration and automated documentation generation. / Iteration on monitoring systems and dashboards. / Implementation of automated testing and formal QA practices.

Software Engineering Oversight: Our major software areas include hardware embedded systems (ROS, Linux), serverless pipelines with Python-based Lambda functions, machine learning, computer vision, data science, and web and mobile applications. You will manage, collaborate with, and coach engineers across areas, and help recruit and vet new engineers as we expand. You will be a key part of our ongoing platform development and market expansion.

Ongoing activities include:  Iteration on ROS-based hardware logic for a new generation of cameras. / Iteration on camera data stream protocols, logging practices, and fleet monitoring. Existing familiarity with IoT and AWS Greengrass is highly desirable. / Iteration on MLops practices, including implementation of MLflow and automation of many dataset management tasks. / Development of varied analysis pipelines integrating multiple models and computer vision functions. Computer vision and deep neural network experience is highly desirable. / Web application development utilizing React, 3D map engines, and custom visualization development. Point cloud experience desirable. / Mobile progressive web application development for interfacing with hardware and management of field operations. / Development of two new hardware accessories with code development underway, and Greengrass and mobile app integration on the roadmap.