Mobile Application Developer(s)

Location: Canonsburg, PA

Job Type: Contract

Our client is looking to rapidly accelerate a mobile application solution. This person(s) will collaborate with currently team members to not only be the lead developer, but also teach, explain, transition the mobile application for long term use and continued development.


  • Mobile app development – Android + iPhone targets.
  • Either React / React Native or Xamarin
  • Must be able to lead the way on build, deploy, app store listing, reapproval flows.
  • We can build out the API / server side to support. They would champion the mobile app side.
  • Knowledge transfer – we would have developers run along-side to learn and bring in house.
  • Mapping / cross overs to navigation (waze, google, etc)
  • Push notifications (including when app is not open)
  • Prompting for photo taking, verifying geocode info is turned on / embedded in photo
  • Device side resize of image before send to server and/or delayed submit until on wifi access
  • Chat/conversational UI w/ cross over to phone call conversation
  • Basic survey screens