Network Technician – Customer Service Rep

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Position Summary: The Network Technician – Customer Service Representative is primarily responsible for the support of all servers in the field, both proactively and in response to customer calls. Additional responsibilities will include assisting in both the server build process and monitoring content updates. Field service work may also be required from time to time.

Duties & Responsibilities: • Provide technical support to both installed and pre-installation sites following defined installation specifications. Proactively identify clubs having playback or connection problems and work to resolve those issues. • Assist as a backup in the server build process when needed. Become familiar with the entire build process so that servers can be built when the server fulfillment manager is not available. • Perform daily field service support for customers (and system installers) including computer hardware analyses, computer software maintenance, computer video server upgrades, web interface training, customer website programming and general audio/video technical support. • Assist in the update process. Verify satellite and Internet delivery processes are working. • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: • A minimum two years related work experience. • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. • Strong working knowledge of computer systems and A/V equipment. • Strong organizational skills, detail and process orientated. • Strong telephone communication skills.