Partner Sales Enablement Lead

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

This position has the critical opportunity to develop and execute a strategy to help channel partners accelerate their sales of products and services.  You love the challenge of helping others reach their sales goals. You are competitive and driven to meet ambitious targets. Others praise you on your keen attention to detail, excellent writing skills, and communication. You thrive on meeting new people, building new relationships, maintaining current relationships. Securing a pipeline and executing on new contracts comes easy to you. You have the ability to work independently and in a team. You are a self starter without the need for micro-management and focused enough to complete deliverables without any managerial oversight. You also love working on teams. You thrive in settings where you need to move fast and juggle multiple projects. You care about working for a company who is making an impact in the world.


  • Develop and execute a strategy to enable Enterprise Partners to sell  products and services. – Lead and attend workshops, info sessions and other in-person meetings with Enterprise Partners to enable their sales of products.
  • Train Enterprise Partners on best practices to sell products.
  • Develop and execute social media and in-person strategies to identify and drive leads to Enterprise Partners for the sales of products.
  • Collaborate with marketing to develop and execute strategies that enable current key enterprise partners to sell products faster and at a greater scale.
  • Lead tracking & managing for a pipeline of project leads for Enterprise Partners, moving them approach initiated to closed sale.
  • Lead tracking and managing of Project Orders for Enterprise Partners to ensure the proper closing, sharing and storing of all Project Orders.
  • Research, identify and inform VP of Growth on new business develop opportunities to expand revenue generating partnering efforts and product offerings.
  • Lead tracking of enterprise partner revenue pipeline and report forecasted and booked sales figures weekly to VP of Growth
  • Develop and execute strategies for the renewal of Enterprise Partners’ use of products that contributes to Commercial team revenue targets.
  • Develop and execute strategies for Enterprise Partner Success team to contribute to the overall corporate commercial strategy.
  • Inform actions and decisions pertaining to Enterprise Partners.