Product Manager

Location: Remote

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

We are looking for a Product Manager who can immerse themselves in the leadership development buyer experience, identify buyer needs, and offer sensational solutions. In this role, you will evaluate market data to develop expertise about needs in the leadership buyer space; you will partner with technical experts to design products that meet those buyer needs; and ultimately, you will bring commercially viable buyer experience solutions to market. You will align to the full lifecycle (design to sunset) of development products…but not just any products… ones that turn managers into leaders, transform average groups to high performance teams, and make workplaces better. You don’t have to be a product management expert to do this job. You do need to be someone who has a fascination for what wows development buyers, data-driven decision making, cross-functional partnership, and rule-breaking innovation. You need to be willing to learn, prioritize things that have impact, and get a thrill out of looking for ways to do better. We want strong, collaborative teams containing diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities. We want you, and all the perspective you bring from your array of experiences, personal and professional. We’re committed to the ongoing work that goes into making an inclusive, empowering place for you to do the best job of your career and enjoy every minute of it!

About the Job: We are a devoted product management team pioneering some of the most exciting, cutting-edge approaches in the leadership development space. Our tagline is Better Leaders for a Better Future, and we mean it. Our development subscription is proven to be valued in the market and we are unyielding in our mission to truly Making Development a Way of Work. We’re captivated by the leadership problems we aim to remedy but have a strong “fail forward” culture. That means we look at what’s not working with our approach, test improvements at speed, and iterate until our products meet needs and empower leaders.

This job involves collaborating with stakeholders from engineers to marketing specialists to the CEO to Ph.D. I/O psychologists to financial examiners to salespeople. As a Product Manager in the leadership development buyer experience, you are at the center of everything that has to do with your product(s), which means you’ll have ownership and accountability when it comes to establishing a product and buyer experience that works. You’ll know that you’ve found your equilibrium when you’re balancing vision with details, acting rapidly but acting deliberately, and providing assistance to others without removing responsibility. But don’t worry, you’ll have a strong team and encouraging coach behind you every step of the way: we learn together, decode problems together, and celebrate wins together. What might your average day look like?

Here are a few of your most common activities: • Conduct market and customer research to gather insight and grasp personas and needs • Set and deliver the vision for assigned products and relay that vision across the organization • Create, document and present products and product roadmaps • Participate in or potentially lead cross-functional go-to-market squads • Coordinate the creation of prototypes and testing of product concepts • Document product requirements, user stories and artifacts to aid the product development process • Provide direction to the product development team and oversee product development • Serve as a resource to the field (e.g., make prospect/customer calls, provide sales enablement content, contribute to internal and external social communities/blogs/portals) • Provide input to portfolio marketing for relevant activities and creations (e.g., buyer personas, competitive positioning, market requirements, launch plan) • Monitor product adoption and use and collect customer feedback • Monitor and report on the performance of products in the market

About You: You live… anywhere. Our team hails from the rain-soaked streets of Windsor to the mountainous peaks of Colorado, to the sturdy steel bridges of Pittsburgh. If your time zone allows for a working schedule with reasonable overlap of US East Coast business hours, you’re in just the right spot. You studied…anything. Our team is comprised of psychologists, philosophers, salespeople, and environmentalists by trade. While you don’t need a first-class qualification in product management to succeed on this team, you should have a track record of implementing or working on products that are customer-facing and be impassioned about finding the easy button. You’ll wow us if you have product experience in the leadership development arena or any formal product management training. The leadership development product team is growing because our subscription visions are growing. We stand on the precipice of an incredible market opportunity, and you will play an exciting role in our next chapter of success. How can we make our company easier to buy from? How can we make the buyer’s experience spectacular? What will make our buyers brag about working with us to their network? If you think you would get a kick out of answering these questions, we can’t wait to converse with you!

Additional information: Competitive pay, potential funding for professional conference attendance, health and dental benefits, retirement plan with 401(k) deferrals, matching and profit sharing, and more.