Product Manager – Remote is acceptable

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

SUMMARY: We are seeking to recruit a strong PM who has experience managing R&D projects to both help organize the project and track deliverables for us. A PM meeting the profile would possibly be amazing. Someone with strong product management experience and demonstrated experience/track record would be good. A mix of a product and project manager, leaning more on the product side. Ideally, someone who can build relationships with our enterprise customers, understand their needs, identify additional features that would be helpful to them, keep them updated on deadlines, and help push for conversion from POC into scale deployments. More on the product side than the project side. Remote is acceptable, but they must be willing to fly for work to meet customers.

SKILLLS: B2B SaaS experience preferred. Previous work experience companies that come to mind (not all SaaS) would be good • Salesforce • Box • Zendesk • ServiceNow • Cruise • Crowdstrike • Palantir