Product Owner

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

As a Product Owner, you’ll have the opportunity to bring our new software product to market. You’ll collaborate with clients and internal resources to help build a compelling product vision and then refine those visions into a backlog that our software development team can execute on. You will continue to enhance and develop this software platform and future software platforms.

Ideal Skill Set: • Highly Organized • Business Development/Sales engineering • Remarkable presentation skills • Highly motivated and results driven • Project Management • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • CSPO certification

Responsibilities: • Become the champion for the product • Quickly absorb the Company’s business model and target market and relay requirements to the product development team • Advocate the product vision to the product development team and represent the Company at all meetings • Ensure that product roadmaps are created and clearly communicated internally and externally so that everyone is aligned around the direction of the product • Foster client engagement and encourage their participation throughout the process, but be prepared to make prioritization or implementation decisions in the interest of preserving the Company’s forward momentum • Advise on best practices in agile Product Management and prepare the Company for effective stewardship of the product • Own the backlog • Communicate the initial backlog based on the Company’s product vision and lead repeated prioritization of that backlog as more is learned about the product and its market fit • Facilitate backlog grooming sessions to ensure the backlog always represents the most up to date learning about the product • Guide the team to creating actionable User Stories so the product development team can hit the ground running each sprint • Collaborate with QA analysts to define the Acceptance Criteria for each story to ensure the entire team has a clear understanding of each story’s done state • Immerse yourself with the product development team • Be an active participant in daily Standups, Sprint Planning sessions, and Retrospectives • Facilitate regular Sprint Reviews to drive learning and adjust direction accordingly • Work directly with the product team to answer questions or provide clarification • Actively contribute to the development of the product strategy for the project • Keep to the budget and timeline o Collaborate with the teams to forecast the capacity of the team and plan and prioritize appropriately • Manage the scope of each project and educate other to the impact of proposed scope changes • Develop release plans to project completion dates for each phase of the product and communicate changes as learning opportunities unfold • Work with clients and the team to collect feedback that can be used to improve our working relationship with our clients

Requirements: • 5 years of applicable experience in Product Ownership • Ability to guide the most successful implementation of our software vision and the confidence to say “no” when necessary • Ability to create clear and compelling written product strategies, vision documents, and technical writeups • Comfortable explaining complex technical issues as well as explaining our product strategy and business model to the product development team • Ability to influence and guide peers for which you have no formal authority • Previous experience working with agile methodologies, preferably Scrum • Ability to create well defined User Stories and take responsibility for a well-maintained backlog • Comfortable with presenting to and working close with our clients and executives to provide both updates and guidance on the progression of the product • Comfortable discussing issues such as budgets, timeline, and scope management with our executive team • Ability to quickly absorb and internalize our product strategies, business models, and domains • Previous experience serving as a Scrum Master or Product Owner • Background as an individual contributor on a Scrum team such as an engineer, tester, or designer • Experience developing and shipping mobile, web, and desktop products