Location: Greensburg

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Job Description: • Plan, test, develop, and debug existing and new features for in-house software modules and applications • Develops, tests, and documents software information systems by planning, designing, developing, testing, and putting into a production environment customized internal software applications. • Develops and maintains documentation and automated testing frameworks for internal and commercial software. • Actively participate in design and planning of large software systems, features, and modules modules • Demonstrate pre-production software to stakeholders during review periods • Develop and maintain automated testing frameworks and tools for in-house and commercial applications • Develop and maintain test scenarios and test data for various data conditions and software workflows • Perform automated testing on pre-release software • Create and maintain technical and end-user documentation as related to software features • Identifies, documents, and reports failures in existing software applications. • Ensures the security and integrity of all systems and data. • Coordinate with IT for server configurations and database development.