Senior Application Development Specialist

Location: East of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Senior Application Development Specialist

The Senior Application Development Specialist requires extensive knowledge of programming languages and software development life cycle frameworks. They must be familiar with a variety of operating systems and platforms. The Senior Application Development Specialist must also have an analytical mindset and a keen eye for detail.

Duties will primarily revolve around managing the development team and their projects. The Senior Application Development Specialist will be involved in directing development team in system testing, and validation procedures, and working with users on technical issues including software system design and maintenance.

Responsibilities Include

• Leading, mentoring, and growing the development team

• Directing development team members in the use of coding methods and techniques, best practices, and secure design

• Overseeing the collection of client requirements and translating them in application features

• Collaborating with IT operations, business analysts, and end-users to define specifications for new or redesigned applications and features

• Managing the development team’s workload and ensure resources are sufficient to complete work within identified project goals and deadlines

• Leading discussions on architecture and large-scale feature development


Requirements Include 7-10 Years of Experience and

• Excellent understanding of software design and programming principles

• Having a robust knowledge of the tools and ideas that can benefit the development lifecycle

• and the vision to choose the tools that will have the biggest positive gain on projects

• Outstanding team leader and member with the ability to use social skills to:

Gain ideas, information, techniques and perspectives from people with different areas of expertise
Accomplish tasks and collaborate with others toward a shared goal
Provide mutual support for difficult or hard-to-navigate situations
• Excellent communication skills including the ability to express complex technical ideas in easy to understand business terms

• Proven experience as an application developer using Entity Framework Core

• Experience in designing and building web and mobile applications

• Experience designing intuitive, easy to understand user interfaces

• Ability to program using C#, JSON, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and MS SQL

• In-depth experience with client-side SPA frameworks (Blazor, Angular, React, Vue)

• Familiarity with cloud-based hosting such as Azure or AWS

• In-depth knowledge of programming for cloud and mobile platforms using development frameworks including Microsoft DevOps, Xamarin, BootStrap, and .Net Core

• Mobile App development using Apple and Android Native languages

• Analytical thinking and problem-solving capability