Senior Build Release Engineer

Location: West Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

The Senior Build Engineer is a person who cares deeply about the technical side of operations and making sure that everything is running smoothly for our web applications. The ideal candidate loves being the person who interfaces between the dev team and the server maintenance/hosting team, understands technology deeply at both the server level and at the development level, understands where the gaps often are between these two, and is excited about filling those gaps and taking proactive steps to prevent application emergencies from ever happening. The primary responsibility of the Senior Build Engineer is to work with other team members in development, support and QA to coordinate project movement through lower environments and into Production. The Senior Build Engineer also ensures that all products are built, installed, smoke tested and released consistently.


  • Manages and appropriately escalates delivery impediments, risks, issues, and changes associated to the product development initiatives.
  • Troubleshoot build and deployment problems, suggest improvements and technical solutions.
  • May assign and monitors work of technical personnel, including personnel in multiple geographic locations, ensuring that application development and deployment is done in the best possible way, and implements quality control and review systems throughout the development and deployment processes.
  • Displays technical leadership and oversight and delivery of implementation, planning, build and release definitions, and sustainability of technical solutions.
  • Create or maintain documentation for build systems and environments
  • Instruct/guide developers to complete clear and accurate release notes.
  • Maintain TFS branches and coordinate creation of new branches and code merges
  • Evaluates technological choices (network/hardware related and technology/code related) by querying providers and providing evaluations of each solution include ROI evaluations in the present and future implications, limitations, and opportunities.
  • Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of developers, product owners, and subject matter experts.
  • Manages analysis and approval of new code through security and performance gates that you will design and develop for feature-complete software. Be an advocate for security and performance standards in the organization.
  • Works within IT, cross-functionally and with vendors, in order to successfully identify, prioritize, and resolve issues and provide subject matter expertise for enhancements, developments, and operational improvements to the website applications.
  • Maintains issue tracking and documentation systems and provides reporting that ensures proper tracking, key performance indicators and visibility of issues and projects.
  • Identifies technical and process improvement opportunities and socialize/advocate to get them implemented.
  • Works closely with Development, QA, IT Operations and others in IT in release planning, preparation, validation, and post-release issues.
  • Maintains accurate improvement program estimates, timelines, project plans, and status reports.
  • Possesses expert technical understanding of the intersection of development and operations (DevOps), monitoring and management tools, and deployment processes and tools.
  • Possesses high-level understanding in the areas of application programming, content management systems, API, databases, system design.
  • Provides process improvement recommendations based on best practices and industry standards.
  • Resolves conflicts by demonstrating leadership and appropriate decision-making competencies.
  • Is responsible for complex technical management coordination with multiple vendors and staff.
  • Is responsible for the development of standards and processes for Release Management and Build Engineers that proactively prevent problems from occurring.

Education & Experience:

  • 5-7+years of release management / build engineer or related experience with gradually increasing responsibilities and a demonstrated understanding of DevOps and technical quality control processes, artifacts and tools.
  • Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Technology
  • Working Knowledge in .NET, SQL, C#, ASP.NET, XML, MSBUILD, TFS and Powershell
  • Full understanding of software development lifecycle and DevOps best practices.
  • Configuration Management Experience
  • Self-motivated individual that possesses excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Strong Customer Service Focus
  • Ability to Work in Fast-Paced Environment and Meet Deadlines
  • An ability to drive to big picture goals and milestones while valuing and maintaining a strong attention to detail.
  • An ability to quickly identify and drive to the optimal solution when presented with a series of constraints.
  • Excellent judgment, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience working with quality management approaches, techniques, and principles.
  • Strong cross-functional collaboration skills, relationship building skills, and ability to achieve results without direct reporting relationships.
  • Strong sense of personal responsibility and accountability for delivering high quality work, both personally and at a team level.
  • Willing to work off hours for production deployments
  • A track record as a coach, mentor, and developer of talent desired.
  • 3+ Years Project Planning or Related Experience desired. Fmort