Senior Data Analyst

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Position Summary:  The Senior Data Analyst translates data requirements into applications that employ appropriate data models and ETL solutions as well as analyzes, defines, develops and maintains complex database structures and ETL architectures and applications. Primary Success Factors • Develops and implements data validation, auditing, reconciliation, testing methodologies and integration processes. Coordinates with business/data analysts on data cleansing and data profiling activities to improve quality of data. • Works closely with DBA Team and Operations to establish ETL job workflow with reliable error/exception handling and rollback framework, including scheduling, error management, restartability, email notifications and information publishing. • Develops and maintains accurate system documentation including information about attributes, lineage and business rules. Assists in the gathering of metadata and maintenance of repositories and data dictionaries. • Helps set standards and complies with us and data governance policies, procedures and regulations to ensure safe and sound business operations. Recognizes and identifies potential areas where existing policies and procedures require change, or where new ones need to be developed, especially regarding the security of financial data. • Works with IT groups to implement a disaster recovery and business continuance solutions for ETL processes, including the installation, configuration and testing of software. • Participates in the development and maintenance of strategic, architectural and tactical plans for our data integration technologies. Conversant with and cognizant of the future direction of systems, how that direction impacts us and how future and current systems can be exploited for the benefit of the organization. • Maintains understanding of data modeling and data integration technology trends and best practices and uses this knowledge to bring solutions to business units and IT; makes recommendations on buy vs. build decisions. Mentors team members and is a technical resource on data integration and ETL technologies. • Maintains understanding of information flows and the data integration technology to support the documentation of all structured data flows. • Provides production support for integrated batch processing. • Provides periodic reports on activities, accomplishments, issues and their solutions, as well as assisting in forecasts of future utilization, tools and resource requirements. • Ensures compliance with applicable policies, procedures and regulations to ensure safe and sound business operations. • Prefers knowledge of Data Warehousing and Change Data Capture lifecycles and methodologies. Performs modeling of data sources and flows and works with Data Services staff to identify, design and implement data warehouse objects – star schemas, multidimensional tables and BI Universes – using best practices. Designs and develops prototypes, data classifications and database tables and views to aggregate data as required for reporting optimization.

Required Experience • Five or more years of experience using Informatica tools such as Power Center, Data Quality and Metadata management in a bank or financial institution working with IT staff and business units to complete complex system design, development and implementation of ETL solutions • Prefer three or more years of experience as ETL Architect/Designer, including experience installing and configuring database and ETL software; Advanced-level experience in designing, developing and maintaining data transfer maps and processes and database structures, including measure, dimension and hierarchy objects; Ability to analyze and interpret financial information and data to implement business/transformation rules, data profiling, data cleansing and reconciliation processes to ensure data quality • Experience with Agile methodologies to effectively participate in cross functional teams • Prefer at least three years of experience in Data Modeling, or Data Integration, including experience using relational, star-schema and multidimensional data models • Knowledge of current practices; theories and approaches to performance tuning and optimization; collection of metadata; table partitioning; materialized views and parallel processing. Proficiency in PL/SQL, SQL and UNIX scripting •

Education Requirements:  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field, or equivalent work experience that includes knowledge of Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Transfer methodologies and Database Management • Strong interpersonal, communication and writing skills; able to work independently or in a team environment • Knowledge of operating systems hardware and software, relational databases and software development tools including but not limited to Linux, Windows, Oracle, SQL-Server, Erwin, MS-Access and MS-Excel