Senior DBA / Application Developer / Business Analyst

Location: Bridgeville, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Summary: Candidate will join application development team and assist in the ongoing development of Web Based production applications.

Required Skills: • At least 10+ years of strong business process analysis skills are required. • The ability to independently document business needs and opportunities, analyze alternatives to fulfill the company’s needs, model, design, plan and code an application is critical. • Candidate must be able to autonomously prioritize new application assignments and work in a support environment simultaneously. • Ideal candidate would also be qualified to assist current I.T. members in supporting 300+ end-user population on miscellaneous hardware/software issues ranging from minor hardware issues and software installs to complete hardware replacement and software troubleshooting. Multiple programming language skills required. • Heavy emphasis on Oracle PL/SQL, JavaScript, Linux and HTML. Candidate will learn and use internally developed code/form generators.

Additional Requirements: • Minimum of five years of programming experience developing business process applications. Must be self-motivated, willing to work in and contribute to a team problem-solving environment. • Minimal travel will be required. • Candidate should have 10+ years of experience in Business Process Analysis. Extensive experience leading and implementing large scale integrated systems is critical. • Experience with Data Modeling and data integration is required. • Excellent interpersonal skills. • Candidate would be knowledgeable in aspects of internet security as well. Exposure to XML interfaces, Web Services, and Apache/PHP would be a future benefit and would be taken into consideration but is not a requirement.

Duties: • This position will involve project work in different facets of our operations. The ability and desire to work on diverse assignments is critical. • A solid business acumen and exposure to accounting systems is a desirable trait. Candidate should have a functional understanding of basic P&L and Balance Sheet Statements. • The able candidate will also maintain our website and e-commerce system. The website contains areas of e-commerce, secured logins for customers, access to pictures/prices/contacts, and a variety of other features.