Senior Electrical Engineering Technician

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent


  • Creates detailed designs, tests prototypes, and documents completed designs.
  • Supports design solutions and participates in preparing design concepts.
  • Develops problem solving techniques to determine root causes for problems, proposes solutions, and performs validations.
  • Assists in board design, lays out boards, and manages board assembly as part of the product development process.
  • Uses hands-on approach for building and evaluating prototypes.
  • Reviews, analyzes and tests to ensure the success of assigned projects.
  • Participates in reviewing functional specifications, cost targets, and electrical design requirements.
  • Works with intra and inter-functional groups to optimize design and communication capabilities.
  • Submits design information to be documented for production.
  • Investigates and solves reported manufacturing and service issues.
  • Inspects products and processes for flaws and identifies areas of improvement.