Senior Front-End Developer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

This is an e-commerce company, located in Pittsburgh, PA, focused on next-generation gifting business models. Our organization is committed to a positive work environment and we prioritize our culture to continue to facilitate our high performance as a cohesive culturally enlightened team. We use OfficeVibe, Bonusly, and other leading tech tools to ensure our initiatives are effective.

We’re hiring a Senior Front-End Developer to steer our implementation decisions, bridge the gap between design and development, and contribute to our three e-commerce applications.

Here, “front end” means:

  • Building rich applications (using modern client-side technology, like React) so that configuring and purchasing our products is a great experience for our users.
  • Working with designers to efficiently convey our message on our marketing sites, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Marshalling the conversion of designs into a future-proof component system that allows for quick implementation.
  • Designing and implementing the UI/UX for administrative and internal tools
  • Ensuring our front ends render consistently across browsers and viewport sizes.
  • Writing and discussing “implementation plans,” which let us verbalize our intentions and make sure we’re all building the same thing.
  • Working with our back-end developers to arrive at API schemas that correctly support the front end.
  • Drive our accessibility strategy.

We use these tools:

  • Frameworks, etc: Bootstrap (lots), Foundation (some), Materialize (a little bit, and it’s going away), SASS.
  • Browser-side JavaScript Frameworks and patterns: React, Redux, Sagas, Axios, Flux Standard Actions, jQuery (we won’t lie)
  • Server side: PHP, Symfony, Twig
  • Native App: Experimenting with React Native
  • Infrastructure: AWS (EC2 but moving to ECS), RDS.
  • Pipelines: BitBucket, CodeDeploy

Our process needs work, and we want you to help us:

  • Find efficiencies, be it load times, build pipelines, or design/dev hand-off processes.
  • Identify the right tools and frameworks to use across the front ends of multiple business units.
  • Implement HTML/CSS in modern browsers.
  • Produce an excellent user experience.
  • Understand and implement SEO best practices and use tools like Google Analytics for analysis.
  • Achieve necessary and desired site performance and optimization. Manage assets on CDNs and understand how to get the most out of a site. You have a toolbox of services to help you evaluate a site’s performance.
  • Provide guidance and drive consistency in front-end tooling choices. It’s a complicated ecosystem, and we need someone that understands it.

Experience required for this position:

  • At least 5 years in the web development field, preferably with rich client-side applications. You need to be well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience working with designers to go from conceptualization to implementation.
  • Some UX best practices and interest.
  • Experience with Google Analytics or a similar tracking tool.
  • Experience with e-commerce web applications, specifically around integrating with libraries from payment gateways.
  • An understanding of the design and development pipeline, and how a tool like Zeplin can help.
  • Practical knowledge of PHP or an equivalent server-side language.

Compensation includes a competitive base salary. We are committed to providing our employees with a benefits package designed to give them the flexibility they need to ensure a healthy life/work balance. We offer employees great benefits and perks, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical, Prescription, Vision and Dental
  • Generous Paid Time-Off policy
  • Incentive Compensation Plan (our employees have earned over $16m through this program since 2006)
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Miscellaneous Perks:
    • Employee recognition program
    • Charitable Donation to a Charity of YOUR Choice yearly
    • Refer Friends, and if we hire them you get awarded.
    • Family Picnic, Holiday Party, and other employee outings
    • On-site dry-cleaning pick-up service
    • Flextime Scheduling
    • Telecommuting Policy
    • Top 75% pay range versus other local employers.