Senior Platform Engineer – Kafka

Location: Remote

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

We are changing the ways customers purchase online, shop in store, and get work done at our distribution and credit centers. You will play a visionary role, creating the solutions and seeing it come to life! We can play well to your strengths and help you develop areas in which you wish to grow or learn more about.

Who Are We? We are a fast paced team with an emphasis on iterative development and constant collaboration. We practice and teach an approach to software engineering that applies across industries and organizations, so you’ll experience all types of teams, products, and technologies. And we believe that working fast doesn’t mean working overtime– taking time to relax, recharge and refocus keeps our pace sustainable. What We Believe. Working at our company means you get better at what you already do well. We set up regular retrospectives to figure out what we’re doing wrong so we can fix it, and what we’re doing right so we can improve on it. We believe that platform engineering follows software engineering standards and best practices closely. We take a full infrastructure-as-code approach to all we do. We design and build reliability into our products. And we believe that a methodical, steady, relentless forward momentum drives consistent results. Growing and developing your skills is encouraged and supported.

As a Platform Engineer we apply software engineering principles to common infrastructure systems with the goal of making these systems as robust and as easy to use as possible for our development teams. Whether it’s building and managing Kubernetes operators, APIs, infrastructure-as-code, or developer tools, we build platforms that enable our development teams across to move fast and deliver business value. We crush our work as a team with product managers, designers, and fellow engineers while grounding ourselves with data and feedback. We relentlessly code, test, deploy, operate, and improve our platforms until they achieve our desired outcomes.

Work Where You Like. We mean it! Your work can be done 100% remotely permanently in the U.S. If you prefer to work in a physical building, we offer relocation to our Milwaukee, WI offices. We have a strong internal community and technology to support team collaboration across the U.S.

Platform Engineers will have a wide range of responsibilities, which include: Designing and implementing an automation framework for all aspects of the application lifecycle, including build, test, and deployment Ensuring that the platform can handle increased traffic from new applications or services. Designing, building, and maintaining the systems that support application innovation. Participating in meetings with product teams to discuss platform experience and improvements. Reviewing code written by other engineers to ensure it meets standards for quality, security, and performance Collaborating with other members of the engineering team to design new features or improve existing ones Identifying areas for process improvement within Platform; recommending solutions and overseeing implementation.

The ideal candidate will have: An understanding of cloud computing and cloud management. Experience managing large Kafka clusters. Experience with migrating Kafka clusters from on-premise to the cloud using Mirror Maker / Replicator, etc. Hands on experience provisioning, deploying and optimizing Kafka clusters Experience with deploying, configuring, migrating, and supporting common stateful distributed systems, messaging, or database technologies such as Kafka, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, etc. Experience with Kubernetes or Kubernetes-based container platforms. Experience interacting with common cloud platform APIs to create and manage cloud resources. Experience interacting with common physical compute and storage APIs to configure and manage compute or storage hardware. Experience supporting and troubleshooting compute, storage, or networking issues. Strong Automation background.

Job Qualifications: A relevant degree in a related technical discipline or equivalent experience with cloud applications environment. Hands-on system administration experience with Linux or other Unix operating systems. Demonstrable experience in using development languages such as Python, Perl, Java, Go, Ruby, Shell or other languages, to build reusable tools. Experience automating software deployments and following a continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD) model. Experience with Agile development methodologies and DevOps environments. Practical knowledge of system architectures and networking.