Senior Product Designer

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

As a Senior Product Designer, you will continue your journey to master software product design and begin to mentor others to deepen the collective understanding of human-centered design principles across our practice and teams. You will serve as a member of one of our cross-functional product development teams, working closely with members of all disciplines to deliver awesome (useful, usable, desirable) software. With a focus on usability and value, you will expand your skillset in UX and UI design to include user research and design thinking facilitation to help your team successfully navigate complex product development challenges. Using design thinking methods to collaboratively solve problems and deliver valuable products as a team should motivate you. Helping to advance the practice of design by sharing your knowledge and experiences should drive you. Stepping outside of your comfort zone in search of personal growth and improvement should be welcomed by you.

Responsibilities • Craft elegant, usable interfaces • Develop beautiful visual interface design systems that meet project requirements and support the overall design system and product strategy • Prototype scenario-driven user interface solutions • Work closely with the product development team to implement front-end interface design solutions at the code level • Reinforce design aesthetics with a sophisticated eye for the distinctive qualities of the product brand • Leverage your proficiency in the tools that we use and guide the selection of new emerging tools as needed • Lead the definition of design systems, principles, and product strategy for the team to ensure implementation throughout the product • Collaborate with the team’s Product Owner and Software Architect on business, rules, information architecture, and data modeling • Apply research to inform valuable, engaging user experience strategy • Plan, execute, and analyze primary and secondary research initiatives to uncover user needs and context, confirm value, and test usability • Help team to apply research insights to product strategy and roadmap planning • Adapt our lean research methods to address the changing needs and risks of the project • Collaborate with the PO and team to establish measurable success criteria for each release • Assist the team and client in defining customer segmentation strategy • Identify key value propositions for each user segment • Be a primary facilitator for customer-facing workshops as needed • Use design thinking and communication skills to solve complex problems • Effectively share knowledge with others inside and outside of the organization • Continue to communicate effectively, even when things are not going well • Have an awareness to “read” a conversation and know when to be more or less “technical” • Be able to drive conversations to completion and make decisions when necessary • Visually communicate thoughts and ideas to those around you • Listen well and allow divergent ideas to emerge from collaborators • Help others develop empathy for user(s) • Continuously improve yourself, our teams, and our culture • Own your growth — ask questions and learn from those around you • Be energized by developing your skills as well as those around you • Be willing to try new tools and techniques • Actively seek feedback from members of your team and discipline • Welcome and participate in healthy debates with others with differing thoughts and perspectives to arrive at the best result • Champion human-centered design principles and values throughout the organization • Be a dependable member of your team • Regularly perform at or above your level • Work to meet deadlines and understand why it matters • Work to understand what is expected of you and seek clarity when you do not • Work to understand how your responsibilities relate to those of the rest of the team • Actively help to adjust expectations when necessary to avoid internal and/or external expectation gaps

Additional helpful information: • A person who is comfortable with strategy, User Experience and research *Strategy – a person comfortable helping the team and customers, figures out what the problems are and then able to present solutions and create value for the customer *UI – heavy on useability, what it will look like and how someone will interact with it *Research – someone that has research experience is highly desirable because good experience in research informs product design decisions, and the fact that it comes early in the design process will save a lot of resources (time and money) down the road (because fewer adjustments will need to be made). Plus, with solid design research, selling ideas to stakeholders will be a lot easier. • Currently there are 4 Product teams, and they are looking to build an entirely new team and each team has a Lead Designer role (Teams are made up of Product Owner, Product Architect, QA, 2-3 Engineers) • Anyone with any physical /device design experience, mobile apps or has experience at a “hardware level” could be helpful but not required. Someone with Machine Learning or Robotics could be good too but that person, most likely, will be working at a university doing research but have exposure to many different things.

Interview process: 1st – High level call with the Director 2nd – meet with the Design team (Video unless local) 3rd – meet with the Project Manager, Architect and Engineers (Video unless local) *(offer made if all agree the person would be a fit and the candidate is interested too)