Senior Reliability Engineer

Location: Remote

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

A Senior Reliability Engineer is an engineer who has a deep level of knowledge in systems, software engineering and associated automation, tooling, and processes. They possess a breadth and depth of knowledge that allows them to iteratively improve the operability, observability, reliability, scalability, and performance of the systems to reduce the operational overhead, reduce risks and simplify the ecosystem. They drive operational excellence by enabling Balanced Product Teams and other Partner Teams to up-level the health of their services in production, improve reliability, and empower them to self-serve and run their services by having strong partnerships and continuous collaboration.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: • Follows software lifecycle, driving reliability, observability, and efficiency across product teams within your domain • Identifies repeated toil and finds opportunities for automation and risk reduction • On-call on a rotation to respond to production incidents and conduct blameless retros and root-cause analysis (RCAs) to drive a culture of continuous improvements • Proactively identifies failures before it becomes an outage using chaos engineering techniques such as edge cases, failure modes, and DR • Advises on capacity planning and provides continuous assessments on systems behavior and consumption working towards optimization and cost savings • Works with product managers to identify and prioritize tech debt for reliability best practices (e.g. SLIs/SLOs/Error Budgets)

QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in MIS, Computer Science, or related field • 2+ years of experience in software development • Have strong programming skills in one or more languages – Java, Python, Go or Node.js • Experience working with one of major cloud platforms (GCP, AWS, or Azure)

PREFERRED: • Experience in one of more Observability platforms – Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana, ELK or APM • Knowledge of application design patterns, event-driven architecture, database schemas, and testing strategies • Experience with large scale application troubleshooting and performance tuning • Knowledge and experience with continuous integration, continuous deployment, and test-driven development • Experience in at least one PasS & Containers – Openshift, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes or equivalent • Experience with one or more configuration management systems like Chef, Ansible, Puppet • Good understanding of systems architecture, UNIX internals, networking topologies, multi-cluster applications, multi-tenant platforms, and systems/network security.