Senior Software Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will be the motor that drives the project to success. You will collaborate with our architects, UX team and other engineers to craft excellent software. Building great software should drive you. Lasagna code should sadden you. Learning new things should thrill you.

Responsibilities: Develop elegant software. Write awesome code for the project. Collaborate with the architect to implement design patterns and architecture. Execute agile process to provide a smooth customer experience. Collaborate with the scrum master to manage sprint execution to ensure plan completion. Coordinate with the architects and principal engineers to handle surprises, discoveries, and scope creep. Consistently complete tasks within estimates. Continuously improve yourself and our culture. Be energized by developing your skillset. Explore new languages, technologies, and techniques. Engage, educate, push, and have fun with your teammates daily. Provide mentorship to the team. Mentor other engineers through discussions and code reviews Share your experience and knowledge with others. Exemplify engineering best practices by example.

Skills and Requirements: Excellent written and verbal communication skills. A solid foundation in Computer Science. A deep understanding of SOLID, ORM, IOC / DI, and unit testing A familiarity with the classic written works in the space: Knuth, Gang of Four, etc. Experience developing across multiple languages and technologies such as: ASP.NET Web Api, Ruby on Rails, node.js React, Angular React Native, Swift / Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android REST, JSON Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment Active community member GitHub or StackOverflow accounts a plus.