Senior Software Engineer- Product Information Management (Catalog)

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Our Software Engineering team are key disruptors. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will help us drive our key retail disruption initiatives through technology that matters. Product information has become more important than ever. Complete and accurate information around our catalog of products is essential to drive enhancements, online conversion, analytics, and data science. Our Product Information Management team plays a central role within technology to help facilitate these goals. We empower our engineers to tear down the silos and work collaboratively with their product team to deliver solutions. We work in nimble product teams composed of engineers, designers, and product managers that aren’t bogged down by project plans and politics, but are empowered to continuously create, test and execute. One of the best parts is after the work is done, you get to see the results of your work in our stores, online and throughout our business. You get to make a difference. First, let’s talk Tech. The Consumer Mobile team leverages mobile technology to maximize satisfaction and delight while providing them the value they need in an efficient and high-impact manner. Here are the mobile platforms we work on and the latest technologies we use to build high-quality apps. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master at them all. Ideally, you’ll have experience in more than a few of them. • The team develops primarily with .net and Angular so at least some experience in those is preferred. • We also work with a variety of database and messaging technologies including MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Cosmos Db, Kafka, Rabbit MQ and Neo4j.

As a Senior Software Engineer you will: • Bring 5 or more years of relevant experience to the table • Work collaboratively with designers, product managers, and other engineers • Leverage cutting-edge technologies and modern practices • Identify and communication technology problems and prepare remedies • Build and ship high-quality code at a rapid pace • Work with the latest platform tools to build new technologies • Participate in design thinking activities to improve the user experience We believe that there is always a better way.

So, we will expect you to: • Continuously learn modern software design and development core practices, utilizing articles, MeetUps, conferences, tech talks, etc. • Review and discuss code with engineering peers and leaders to understand best practices and optimal design patterns • Take the initiative to drive new ideas and projects • Increase your business acumen by consistently learning about other parts of our business • Support and mentor other members of the Software Engineering team Lastly, here’s some stuff that won’t be part of your day-to-day.

You won’t: • Work in a silo • Be limited by project plans • Find yourself stuck in a boring cube • Pay to park or be stuck in a corporate high-rise • Be pigeonholed into proprietary and stagnant codebases