SharePoint Developer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Contract


  • Enterprise solution
    • Enable internal collaboration
      • Solution to share documents across all lines of business, eliminating shortfall currently seen in re: H: drive
      • Collaboration tools include the ability to have multiple people simultaneously working on the same document
    • Ability to securely share files externally
  • Forms Library
    • Document Indexing
      • Search capability by keywords
    • Barcode/serial numbers for documents
    • Version Control
      • Need access to old version, but need ability to block use them
    • Retention
      • Need rule to denote active agreement – If agreement is active retention needs to be indefinite
      • Aged versions of General Forms/Policies and Inactive Agreements – Need to be retained for seven years
  • Decision Tree and Contract signing
    • Able to look at products and services being sold, will spit out documents that a client will need to sign
    • E-signature capability
      • UTC has used DocuSign in the past. Close to releasing.
          • Ability to integrate DocuSign with SharePoint?
          • Should be used for PSAs because is legally binding
      • Not in scope:
          • How can PandaDoc, our e-Proposal System work in conjunction with SharePoint and DocuSign?
    • File Uploads
      • Mass Upload
        • Need functionality that allows easy upload from H: Drive, Box and [other sources]
        • Teams will review their documents from various sources to determine what needs to be uploaded and upload themselves
        • Governance document to govern metadata from lists to enable and enhance searchablilty


  • Storage capacity – With the retention needs, concern that we will eat up our capacity; need to determine how large our current storage capacity is
  • Security with sharing files – When sharing files externally, need to ensure security of transfer
  • Uncertainty with what SharePoint is capable of
    • General unfamiliarity among stakeholders with the product leading to uncertainty regarding which, if any, of the functions listed above is natively built into SharePoint and what is not possible within SharePoint
    • A resource to show general functionality and how to use SharePoint would be helpful