Software Architect

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Description: As a Software Architect, you will be foundational to the success of the Power-I Substation Monitoring Product. You will craft rock solid solutions to challenging problems by bringing your deep wells of knowledge and experience to bear. You will collaborate with engineers, designers, QA, and product leadership to build tangible software that provides tactical value to us and our customers. Building excellent software should drive you. Solving hard problems with practical solutions should exhilarate you. Spaghetti code should sadden you. Continuous learning should excite you. Responsibilities: • Design, architect, and implement solid, adaptable software • Guard and guide the architecture of the Power-I Substation Monitoring product, always with an eye to the future • Identify, design, and develop software solutions that meet customer needs and are scalable, maintainable, reliable, and extensible • Lead and support development of the product across all aspects of the stack, including backend services and APIs, front-end interfaces from web to mobile, and firmware and device interaction. • Actively evaluate, learn, and implement industry best practices in cyber-security.? Work closely with the Power-I team to ensure the consistent, reliable, and predictable development and deployment pipeline is maintained. • Provide technical and cultural leadership • Identify, evaluate, and recommend new technologies, tools, and processes in order to keep the team and the product technically current. • Inventory, analyze and manage open-source software components to ensure that they remain relevant, supported and secure within the open-source community • Further the goals and positive, professional image of MEPPI through effective dealings with customers, stakeholders and other MEPPI divisions. • Know MEPPI’s Quality, Safety and Environmental Policies. Be able to fully discuss the importance of these policies and how they impact work Education / Skills / Requirements: • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a minimum 5 years of software development experience, or equivalent education and experience • Advanced knowledge of modern programming languages, platforms, and open-source technologies. .NET Core, React, Typescript, C++, Python. • Advanced knowledge of Computer Vision, AI, and Machine Learning Technology. • A familiarity with the classic written works in the field (Knuth, Gang of Four, etc.) Advanced knowledge of agile software development: • Developing coding standards, facilitating peer reviews, maintaining clean source control. • Crafting flexible and scalable database architecture, managing a solid CI / CD pipeline • Implementing and balancing automated and manual testing, interfacing with QA • Advanced interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills Additional Information: • Admittedly, finding someone who would know .NET Core, React, and Typescript well would be more straightforward. • Finding someone who knows Python well would be more straightforward. • However, finding someone that knows all of them well (Power-I is being built with the first three but the AI work will use Python) will be a challenge. Nice to Have: • So it looks like we have set C++ as nice to have.