Software Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Looking for a software engineer to implement a software infrastructure that supports therapy development efforts focused on developing new cancer therapies targeting immunoregulatory mechanisms in the tumor microenvironment, reporting to the leadership of the computational biology and systems immunology teams.

Responsibilities: • Supports leadership of the computational biology and systems immunology teams in developing and maintaining cloud-based microservices framework • Design and implement a novel web interface to access biological data in the cloud infrastructure • Produce compelling dynamic visualizations of the data • Collaborate with computational biologists and research scientists to specify and refine the interface • Write, test, and deploy the frontend and backend software for the design • Comment and document, as well as maintain and debug the software • Communicates web interface design to the broader team • Ensures adherence to data security standards required to conduct work in a HIPPA compliant data management and sharing • Supports the company leadership and the computational biology and systems immunology teams in establishing data infrastructure and analytics tools that meet operational and regulatory requirements associated with the management and interrogation of clinical patient data • Must be willing to work flexible hours as necessary, and work beyond 40hrs is likely to be required • *Performs in accordance with system-wide competencies/behaviors. • *Performs other duties as assigned.

Educational and Knowledge:  Requirements BS in computer science or a related field with minimum of 1 year of work experience • Proficiency in user interface design • Experience with frontend: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript/Typescript, D3.js • Experience with backend: Node.js, Express • Proficiency with relational databases and SQL • Experience with GIT • Experience with microservices (Docker and Kubernetes) is a plus • Experience with cloud computing (e.g. AWS) and security (e.g. OAuth) is a plus.