Software Engineer Consultant

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Contract

Software Engineer Consultant:

1. APIMS User Interface Overhaul Goal is to re-implement the Touchscreen display user interface based on the new requirements. The touchscreen interface will be developed in HTML and Javascript. The User Interface functions will be calling into a pre-existing API to communicate with the core functions of the software. Scope of the project:  Using the existing APIMS user interface as a basis for implementing the new requirements for the touch screen display (HTML & JavaScript) Implement the support for multiple bulk gas systems. Write the Software test plan for the user interface aspects of the system. Implement the Flow controller calibration changes to support multiple bulk gas (C++).

2. Implementation of OPC-UA Server module for Questor5 Software Scope of the project Evaluate various 3rd party C/C++ libraries/toolkit for implementing OPC-UA Server/ Implement the OPC-UA Server and integrate/adapt various Questor5 functions based on the selected library/toolkit. Implement the Software Test plan for the OPC Server module Get the OPC-UA Server certification from OPC Foundation.

3. Upgrade Questor5 Software for MAX-CAT systems with the latest RGA firmware Scope includes making necessary changes to firmware loading process for the new firmware. Test and verify all the functionalities of MAX-CAT systems with the new firmware.