Software Engineer – Fulfillment

Location: West Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent


  • Collaborates and pairs with product team members (UX, engineering, and product management) to create secure, reliable, scalable software solutions
  • Ensures the solutions delivered improve the overall economics of the organization while taking into account the long-term costs associated with solutions implemented.
  • Documents, reviews and ensures that all quality and change control standards are met
  • Writes custom code or scripts to automate test cases, monitoring services, or other areas of automation.
  • Works with vendors and partners for the successful implementation of critical tooling and platforms
  • Creates meaningful dashboards, logging, alerting, and responses to ensure that issues are captured and addressed proactively
  • Contributes to enterprise-wide tools to drive destructive testing, automation, and engineering empowerment
  • Participates in review board sessions to drive consistency across the enterprise
  • Makes suggestions that help drive operational excellence to create internal customer satisfaction and meet operational metrics
  • Identifies and enables ways to improve team productivity and efficiency
  • Identifies areas of duplicative work and redundant solutions that could be consolidated into enterprise services
  • Participates in discussions and knowledge transfers on best practices
  • Fields questions from other product teams or support teams
  • Monitors tools and participates in conversations to encourage collaboration across product teams
  • Provides application support for software running in production
  • Proactively monitors production Service Level Objectives
  • Proactively reviews the performance and capacity of all aspects of production: code, infrastructure, data, and message processing
  • Participates in teaching activities around modern software design and development core practices
  • Proactively reviews articles, tutorials, and videos to learn about new technologies and best practices being used within other technology organizations
  • Encourages and supports knowledge sharing through workshops, blogs, etc

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3-5 years’ experience
  • Understanding of modern microservices-based architectures and methodologies
  • Experience with modern web application frameworks and tools (Java/Spring boot/Angular)
  • Experience with front-end UI technology (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Angular/ReactJS/JQuery)
  • Exposure to 12-factor methodology and able to demonstrate appropriate patterns to more junior team members
  • Exposure to SQL query optimization and troubleshooting
  • Exposure to a CI/CD toolchain
  • Experience with Agile development and knowledge of related tools (Git/Pivotal Tracker)
  • Experience with queries against a relational database (JDBC, SQL)
  • Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Exposure to a cloud computing platform and the associated automation patterns they provide
  • Exposure to REST concepts and effective web service design
  • Exposure to production systems design including High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Performance, and Security