Software Engineer III

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

We’re looking for knowledgeable individuals to help us transition our SaaS applications to highly-scalable, loosely coupled, application ecosystems, leveraging platform engineering principles. As a Senior Software Engineer you will lead the charge to deliver high-quality, performant, and secure software that provides value to our customers.

We will lean on your knowledge to help guide decisions on new development initiatives. You will have the opportunity to participate in drafting and implementing architectural proposals for these initiatives. You will bring established experience to our refactor and rewrite efforts and be a proponent of solving these problems in a collaborative, team-oriented atmosphere. You will prioritize the right approach to a problem, such as applying Domain Driven design principles or employing a service-oriented architecture.
Our senior engineers typically possess around 5+ years’ experience and have a track record of delivering robust technical solutions in an Agile environment. You should feel comfortable leveraging your skills and expertise to help mentor less experienced team members on best practices. We value ownership and will look to you to promote this concept in your team’s functional area and ensure that technical debt is being properly managed.

Our current stack is primarily .NET based, C# backend, SQL, and a mix of ASP.NET MVC/Web Forms/Knockout/Vue comprise the front end. As we migrate to smaller components there will be opportunities to incorporate new technologies and different approaches in to the stack and we will be looking to you for ideas and leadership towards the right tools for the job.
We strive to build software that will delight our users and empower them to deliver better patient outcomes. We’re looking to build teams that are inclusive and represent a diverse set of skills, experience, and viewpoints to help us create the best possible healthcare products. Join us and help change healthcare for the better!

Purpose: Provide technical leadership as a part of a cross-functional team to deliver high quality solutions and participate in key architectural design decisions.


  • Utilize your initiative and a high degree of latitude to deliver high quality, performant, and secure software that provides value to the customers.
  • Function in an Agile environment to reduce risk, ensure value, and increase adaptability of the team.
  • Engage in the architectural design of our applications to create long-term, scalable solutions.
  • Manage technical debt in areas of team’s ownership.
  • Work to gain an understanding of existing legacy code, and develop a plan to refactor, modernize, or stabilize the code base as the case requires.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of languages and frameworks in their respective areas of ownership.
  • Use system monitoring tools to analyze and diagnose data trends, focusing on improving performance.
  • Lead collaboration and resolution efforts on very complex problems
  • Contribute to process improvement within the department for a more cohesive and productive work environment.
  • Foster a collaborative team environment by promoting an inclusive atmosphere, and using a consensus building approach to technical leadership.
  • Facilitate transparent communication between the product team and stakeholders, clearly translating technical information for non-technical people.
  • Participate in the mentorship and support of team members through education on best patterns and practices.
  • Contribute positively towards code review environment with constructive commentary on pull requests.
  • Facilitate others understanding and use of the relevant programming languages.


  • SaaS provider in the healthcare space
  • Agile/scrum with a focus on experimenting, inspecting, and adapting
  • Current stack: ASP.NET/C#/SQL/MVC/Web Forms/Knockout/Vue
  • Familiarity with Git, CI/CD and orchestration tools a plus
  • We embrace innovation at all levels and encourage ownership
  • Nice to Have: Basic understanding of healthcare patient workflow.