Spare Parts Program Manager

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent


  • Monitors the parts inventory and anticipates parts needs in light of future promotions, new model years, trends, and suggested stock orders.
  • Is responsible for the security of inventory and for analyzing the quality of parts.
  • Works with customers in considering credit applications, handling complaints, and negotiating prices to ensure customer enthusiasm.
  • Is responsible for-profit management in the Parts Department and must examine department financial statements, including expenses and revenue, to ensure the department’s profitability.
  • In cooperation with the company’s leadership, must review the previous month’s sales/profit performance to determine where improvements can be made.
  • Must time inventory purchases to coincide with sales and special initiatives in order to take advantage of savings.
  • Is responsible for training and leading the Parts Department team and for reviewing team performance on a regular basis.
  • Processes paperwork for new employees and terminations.
  • Centers mainly on inventory control and customer relations.
  • Involves ensuring that at least one other person in the department is knowledgeable about inventory requirements and ordering systems.
  • Develop spare part catalogs using Isometric drawings to identify components.
  • Contribute to development of manuals to show how spare parts are properly installed on products.
  • Establishing Sunsetting policies to keep us from having to support extremely old units in the field.
  • Spare parts pricing and markup strategies need to developed.
  • Responsible for overall spare parts forecasting and stocking levels.
  • Coordinate with Purchasing and with Production planning on getting demands into the system which will initiate buys or production workorders in time to meet expected requirement in the field. This will require an in-depth analysis of how much support of the spares program can rely on core returns and repairs, versus new buys or work orders.
  • Warranty policies and times need to be established for every component.
  • Develop spare parts packaging and negotiation of shipping terms.
  • Look at the possibilities for depots to reduce the safety stocking requirements and to reduce emergency shipping costs.
  • Setting up an RMA process and assuring returns of cores to be repaired and reused.
  • Maintaining an inventory of customer spares at each site so that we can recommend replenishments, or recalls and upgrades, on any spare items which have had an Engineering change recommendation.
  • On recalls due to Engineering modification recommendations, develop the seeding strategies and timeline for modifications to be made.

Education & Experience:

  • BS in an Engineering or Business Discipline.  MS Preferred.
  • Ability to establish and maintain good relationships with customers and to exceed their expectations
  • Ability to maintain proper parts inventory levels, to do proper posting, and to measure true turns
  • Ability to utilize computers and computer capabilities for inventory, recordkeeping, parts information, etc.
  • Knowledge of electromechanical systems in general
  • Ability to develop and follow action plans to ensure customer enthusiasm and Parts Department profitability
  • Ability to lead and train team members in parts Department operations
  • Ability to establish and control inventory systems
  • Knowledge of and ability to interpret inventory reports
  • Knowledge of parts pricing procedures
  • Knowledge of new models, based on technical service bulletins and surveys
  • Leadership skills, including empowerment, coaching, organizing and planning, and interpersonal sensitivity
  • Is a detail-oriented individual comfortable with inventory work and the computer analysis of inventories.
  • Must be people-oriented and willing and able to ask customers questions to ensure their enthusiasm.
  • Comes from similar positions at aftermarket parts distributions.
  • Must have a thorough insight into electromechanical systems in general, and must learn which parts are most needed for specific models.
  • Must maintain a broad knowledge of the manufacturer’s new and recent products.
  • Must have business savvy, as the Parts Department is an important source of profit for the company.
  • Must be capable of working independently, effectively managing his or her time and work flow.