Systems Engineer

Location: Coraopolis

Job Type: Contract

Job Description: Plans, designs and deploys large scale complex systems, including enterprise infrastructure, information systems, ERP applications, and internet technologies. Projects typically involve on both software and hardware components. Evaluates existing systems to understand capabilities and recommend solutions. Works with non-technical business owners to understand needs and develops a technical solution. Participates in the layout design and installation of new systems or modification of existing systems. Develops and manages systems integration projects. Identifies and resolves existing system deficiencies.

Microsoft 365 focus on Collaboration tools.

Collaborative spaces:

• Teams

• SharePoint

• Network shares

• Moved from file shares to the cloud

• Network share files being moved to the cloud (one drive, SharePoint or teams)

• PowerShell scripting or automation

• Pulling from ad based off of certain criteria

• Modernizing distro lists