Technical Project Manager

Location: Remote

Job Type: Contract

Position is a Technical Project Manager of highly technical work in the Network Services group. Job requires minimum 6 years’ experience in the basic PM skills (task planning, coordination, issues management, etc.). In addition to the typical PM skills of task coordination, using Agile and/or Waterfall methodologies, the candidate would have Subject Matter Expertise / Engineering background in: • Network Routing Hardware / Software / Protocols (DNS, DHCP, IP, circuits, carriers, MPLS, etc.) • Data Center technologies (routers, switches, security devices, storage systems, circuits, carriers, hosting technologies, cloud) • SD WAN • Cyber Security Technologies (AAA, DMZ, Perimeter security, F5, Load balancers, Segmentation strategies) • Monitoring tools / technologies The ideal candidate also demonstrates the following attributes: • Leadership – Courage to make hard decisions, hold people accountable, recognize the grey. Not everything will be black and white and they can’t be paralyzed by that. • Communication – Speaks clearly, concisely, and knows the audience. Uses proper grammar. Can recognize when less is more, and when more is needed. • Scheduling – Understands dependencies and the difference between critical path deliverables and those that are not. Understands the impacts of schedule delays on financials, risk, and strategy and can balance the need for escalation with non-impacting schedule misses and escalate appropriately when necessary or manage it independently when escalation is not needed. • Risk Management – Understands risk criteria and always considers risk but is not crippled by risk adversity. Balances the need to act with the need to be risk adverse and knows when the risk can be taken vs when it’s a bad idea. Is not afraid to make a bad decision because they are confident and understand the risks but learns from the bad decisions made and does not repeat them. • Critical Thinking – Has the ability to analyze complex data from multiple sources and objectively make reasoned judgment. • Task Management – Understands the work that needs to get done, the resources completing the work, and aligns tasks to the right people, even if the right person occasionally isn’t in that role.