Technical Writer

Location: Pittsburgh

Job Type: Contract to Hire

Seeking a Technical Writer to complete technical documentation for the library software product with the potential to contribute across several products as a full-time hire. Documentation is needed for varying audiences, including engineering, implementation teams, support staff, and users. Some of these documents are highly technical. An engineering background is preferred, but not required. A sample of technical documentation is preferred. This opportunity is contract-to-hire. The initial engagement is a contract position, as detailed below, with the intent to hire full-time on determining our needs are a match to the contractor’s skillset. The complete list of documents is listed below. The goal is to complete 6 documents in 6 months.

Definition of Done: 1. The document is free of grammatical and spelling errors 2. One voice is used consistently throughout 3. The document addresses the appropriate audience (engineer vs. support vs. user) 4. The document is consistently formatted throughout 5. The document is technically accurate per a review by project leadership 6. Any content that was cut from the document is properly tracked.

Milestones for first document (~4 weeks): 1. Ramp up a. Review of expectations, an overview of the library software, and a read-through of existing documentation. b. Estimated time: 1 week (from start date) 2. Draft document submitted for review and feedback on technical content. a. Expectation: The content is technically accurate. Minor, if any, changes needed. b. Estimated time: 2 weeks 3. Change adoption and final document submitted for review and sign off a. Expectation: Changes made per feedback and free of grammatical and spelling errors, is of one voice, and is formatted consistently. b. Estimated time: 1 week (from receipt of milestone 2 feedback) 4. Final sign off/acceptance a. Estimate time: 3 days (from delivery of milestone 3) Additional Terms Feedback for Milestone 2 will be provided within 3 days of receipt of the draft document. The first document to be completed for this contract is documents-service-external-broker-guide.

Anticipated list of documents to be completed pre- and post-full time hire: Phase 1 – Operational Guides • documents-service-external-broker-guide.pdf: Initial Document • documents-service-mappings-guide.pdf • documents-service-troubleshooting-guide.pdf • documents-user-guide.pdf • governor-troubleshooting-guide.pdf • indexing-elasticsearch-guide.pdf • indexing-for-operators.pdf • patient-identity-troubleshooting-guide.pdf Phase 2 – Technical documents • documents-technical-document.pdf • governor-technical-documentation.pdf • patient-identity-technical-document.pdf Phase 3 – Developer Guides • api-gateway.pdf • documents-api-specification.pdf • indexing-api-spec.pdf Phase 4 – Installation Guides • documents-installation-guide.pdf • governor-installation-guide.pdf Phase 5 – Misc. User Guides • E.g. Document viewer.