Warehousing and Distribution Manager

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Job Type: Full Time / Permanent

Warehousing & Distribution Manager – As a Logistics Specialist, you will be responsible for Logistics Operations, Warehousing Management Capability development, Automation, Transportation Management and optimization across the logistics footprint in North America including Canada and Mexico.

What you’ll be doing: · Strategic Planning: You’re the architect, designing a blueprint for an efficient and Warehousing Management Solution as part of the logistics strategy. This involves Assessment, alignment and execution across all the manufacturing plants · Team Leadership: Managing a metrics team across manufacturing footprint. Work in a metrics environment to improve the way we operate and drive automation in daily operations . Work with Corporate Transportation team to drive synergies · Supply Chain Management: Picture yourself as the spider in the web of the supply chain. You’re responsible for both inbound and outbound supply chain. Develop track and trace tools to improve delivery performance · Inventory Management : Drive Inventory accuracy and eliminate losses in Logistics Operations. · Cost Optimization: You’re the financial wizard, finding ways to reduce costs without compromising efficiency. This involves optimizing transportation routes, and implementing cost-effective technologies across warehousing. · Risk Management: Like a skilled tightrope walker, you balance on the fine line between risk and reward. Anticipating potential disruptions and having contingency plans in place is crucial. Safety being top priority across the footprint. · Technology Integration: Embrace your inner tech guru. Implementing and optimizing logistics management software – WMS / TMS, RFID, and other cutting-edge technologies can elevate your logistics game. · Continuous Improvement: The logistics landscape is ever-evolving. Like a gardener tending to a garden, you nurture a culture of continuous improvement, always looking for ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. · Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, your goal is customer satisfaction. You orchestrate the logistics operations in a way that ensures products reach customers on time, in perfect condition, Drive OTIF improvement.

Skills & Competencies Needed: Communication Skills: As the leader effective communication is your superpower. You liaise with internal teams, external partners, and stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Collaboration: Ability to take people along in metrics organization. Initiative: Drive projects with high energy and sense of urgency. Agility: Willingness to adopt to different environments and cultures. This position is located at our Charlotte, NC satellite office and close to exciting destinations (Myrtle Beach, SC Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC and Hartsville, SC).