Placement Types

Whenever you have short or long-term staffing needs, Synergy Staffing Inc. gives you access to the most qualified candidates. Get the help you need, the way you want it, with our flexible placement options.


Contract employees work at your company through Synergy Staffing Inc. under your direction and control. We assume responsibility for all payroll procedures, taxes, Worker’s Compensation issues, and Unemployment Compensation. You receive a convenient weekly invoice based on the number of hours that employee works.


Filling positions on a Contract-to-Hire basis gives you an opportunity to evaluate performance and reliability before committing to a permanent hire. After working a pre-determined number of hours or days as a Synergy Staffing Inc. “contract employee”, the individual can either be hired on with your company, or be retained as a contract employee for as long as you choose.

Permanent Placement

In situations involving upper-level or specialized personnel, Permanent Placement is often the best way to attract top candidates. With this arrangement, Synergy Staffing Inc.’s candidate becomes a direct, full-time employee of your company from day one. There is a one-time fee based on their annual compensation.

Payroll Services

If your company has identified an ideal candidate, but would prefer to avoid the administrative burden of adding them to your payroll, we have your solution. Hire them through Synergy Staffing, Inc. to get their services without the payroll hassles. Since you found the employee, you’ll receive a discounted rate and incur no additional cost of conversion to “permanent” status.