Full Disclosure

Staffing agencies aren’t generally known for their transparency. If you’ve worked with other agencies, you may have gotten used to the idea that having an ally means sacrificing your ability to evaluate your opportunities. That’s not how things work at Synergy Staffing.

At Synergy, we believe in full disclosure. That means no surprises. We’ll tell you which companies we’d like to send your resume to, what those companies are all about, and who you would actually interview with. We’ll even tell you what we know about the hiring pool — whether you should get your hopes up, or if you’ll be facing a lot of competition. We want you to know as much as possible about the opportunities we share with you so that you can make informed career decisions.

Unique Consulting Approach

Our mission goes way beyond just presenting potential positions for you to review. We’re here to help you succeed. That’s why we take a consultative approach every step of the way.


We evaluate all your career needs, from pay, benefits and hours, to the kind of culture you want to be a part of. We’ll also help you make decisions and focus on the things that are really important to you in your career. Then we make sure that the opportunities we present to you meet those needs.


Your recruiter will also help prepare you for the interview process. Together we’ll focus on your strengths and touch on all the tiny details that can make or break the hiring decision. We’ll also coach you through asking the right questions so you’re able to tell if a position is really right for you.


Your relationship with Synergy doesn’t end when you accept a position. We’ll help you assimilate to your new working environment. If any issues arise, we’ll do what we can to help you resolve them. And if you go on an interview that doesn’t work out, we’ll keep working together until you’re able to take the next big step in your career.

Relationship Building

Synergy is unlike any other staffing or placement agency. We believe it’s our relationships that set us apart. By building real understanding with both clients and candidates, we’re able to achieve stellar matches of professionals to positions.

We Know Our Clients

Our clients are businesses that trust Synergy to connect them with abundantly qualified individuals they’ll want to hire. That trust is built over time, and we put in the effort to build those relationships. By knowing our clients, we’re able to really understand what they need from new personnel. This allows us to make incredible matches when the right candidates walk through our doors. When we make the perfect match, everybody wins.

We Know Our Candidates

Our relationships with candidates empower us to fill positions with incredible talent. Through interviewing and ongoing communication, our recruiters genuinely get to know our candidates. Our matching process goes beyond the on-paper requirements of the position to ensure the needs of both client and candidate are met. That means Synergy only makes matches we believe in, and no position is ever filled blindly.

A Local Connection

We got our start in the Western Pennsylvania region, and that’s primarily where our opportunities are located. That’s not to say that we’re geographically limited. Synergy candidates have filled positions across the country, most often for large companies with multiple locations. But our roots are in Pittsburgh, and we’re proud to be part of the local business community.

Regional Recognition

Synergy Staffing is a member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, and we’ve been recognized as a regional industry leader for our innovative approach to the recruiting process. In 2009, we were a “Rising Star” nominee at the Tech 50 Awards. This distinction recognized us as a compelling company in southwestern PA with a knack for excellence. We were also featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times and PittsburghTEQ Magazine, both of which further validated our contribution of hiring local candidates for local businesses.

Consistent Involvement

Many of our employees are active in the local professional networking community. We regularly attend networking events, career fairs, on-campus recruiting events, and workshops. We are members of local “user groups” which further our experience in specific industry niches. All of these activities keep us connected to the Pittsburgh employment market and aware of emerging trends.